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Cosmetic surgeons

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Some conditions require intervention by plastic surgeons. Dr. Goldenberg evaluates skin conditions of patients during their consultations and will suggest surgical or minimally invasive procedures that can be performed by cosmetic surgeons if he believes these treatments will offer a long-term solution for your aesthetic concerns. Many conditions, including sun damage, wrinkles, loss of volume from the cheek and under-eye area can be addressed with lasers and fillers at the office.

Patients often complain that they gained weight slowly over the years and are having tough time to get rid of it, especially in certain areas of the body such as the “love handles”. While new technologies such as fat freezing and fat melting devices can target these areas, in many cases they cannot achieve the results patients expect. Often patients choose a non-surgical option due to fear of surgery and later due to disappointment resort to surgeries such as liposuction and tummy tucks.

“A tummy tuck can help you address belly fat as well as excess skin in the abdomen area, while liposuction can remove the fat from the area but will leave unsightly hanging skin,” says Dr. Kotis, a plastic surgeon who has focused his IL practice on tummy tuck procedures. “liposuction is best when you want to reshape arms, thighs, necks, and certain area of the back.”

Some doctors claim that non-surgical devices can make a difference when it comes to sculpting certain body areas. “I had great results with Coolsculpting – the patients love it because it does not involve surgery, and the change is gradual. The machine only targets fat cells, eliminates them, and they are slowly flushed out of the patient’s system over the next few weeks, explains Beverly Hills doctor Alexander Rivkin.

When it comes to patients’ faces, the nose is one of the most important features and a surgery is usually required to change its shape. Dr. Westreich is a New York facial plastic surgeon who often performs rhinoplasty procedures on women and men of all ages and ethnicities. According to him, the key is designing a nose that will match each patient’s unique characteristics so that the new nose blends into their face without becoming too prominent.