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Dermatopathology Melafind

Melanoma is a rare and aggressive type of skin cancer. It is caused by a mutation in melanocytes, a cell responsible for producing dark pigments. Melanoma refers to an over-active division of these cells, which may result in a migration to other organs (this is known as metastasis), disrupting normal function and causing serious health problems. Since Melanoma is highly prone to metastasis, it is increasingly important to detect it in its earliest stages.

MelaFind is a new, highly sophisticated technology meant to complement a skilled physician’s process for detection of early melanoma. Melanoma often begins deep within the skin, and usually when properly detected and biopsied it is already in a later stage of development. MelaFind allows this boundary to be passed without performing any unnecessary incisions to examine suspect cells. Instead of performing painful biopsies on areas that contain abnormal pigmentation, MelaFind allows for the requisition of actual quantitative data concerning a lesion. Dr. Goldenberg uses MelaFind in his practice to distinguish between melanoma and other types of skin lesions.



MelaFind is completely painless and requires virtually no pre-procedure preparation. Alcohol is applied to the targeted areas and the MelaFind handheld applicator is used directly on the skin. MelaFind works by pulsing a series of ten different wavelengths of light, precisely measuring the spectral output of the lesion, providing completely objective data about the physical makeup of the lesion. MelaFind is not a diagnostic tool, but is rather used for its ability to deliver valuable additional information for a more informed decision concerning possible melanoma developments.

Extremely sophisticated computer algorithms are used to process the feedback gained from the light inputs, providing Dr. Goldenberg with an enlarged detailed image of the area in conjunction with various quantitative data concerning cellular disorganization. Ultrasensitive lenses and sensors are used to detect light scatter and within seconds a 3D anatomical map of the lesion is calculated. MelaFind can penetrate up to 2.5mm into the skin surface, making it capable of being used virtually anywhere on the skin while providing extremely accurate data.

Only board-certified dermatologists who have received proper training are approved to use MelaFind in their practice. Dr. Goldenberg is one of them, combining his expert knowledge on melanoma with the additional information gained from MelaFind to assess possible cancerous lesions with extreme accuracy. Ask about MelaFind the next time you are in for examination of skin lesions. Skin cancer is not to be taken lightly, and Dr. Goldenberg is there to help you avoid its development.


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