PRP for Alopecia

Goldenberg Dermatology proudly features PRP technology, a remarkable procedure which rejuvenates and promotes hair growth utilizing natural components. By isolating vital compounds of the patient’s own blood, Dr. Goldenberg is able to offer a non-surgical solution to individuals seeking thicker, fuller locks. Platelet Rich Plasma is a successful solution because growth factors work to improve the overall health of your scalp, stimulate hair-production and add thickness to thinning hair. PRP treatment for those suffering from alopecia is a therapeutic, short treatment with a fast recovery period and natural results.

PRP Stimulates Hair Growth

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a unique approach at hair growth which minimizes the risk of adverse reactions by utilizing the patient’s own blood to initiate the growth process. During this procedure, Dr. Goldenberg isolates red blood cells, plasma and platelet rich plasma, creating a suitable solution of growth factors which promote new hair growth. While Alopecia treatments containing minoxidil may produce sporadic patches of hair, PRP therapy provides more uniform and consistent results. The procedure reduces the production of short vellus and dystrophic hair, and reactivates the body’s normal hair growth cycle.

How PRP Therapy is performed

Our clinical team will extract vials of your blood and place it in a centrifuge which will effectively isolate the growth factors and platelets. The PRP formulation may be combined with Extracellular Matrix (like ACell or BioD) to create a more prolonged hair growth result. We will thoroughly cleanse the treatment area and apply an anesthetic to promote your comfort throughout the session. Dr. Goldenberg then administers a series of Platelet Rich Plasma injections into the scalp. The enriched formulation is designed to initiate the natural hair-growth process and each procedure is performed in under an hour. Depending on your condition and achievement goals, you may need several treatments to reach your desired appearance.