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Primary Skin Cancer Treatment – Excision of Cancerous Skin Lesions

Once the presence of skin cancer has been determined, the next step it to remove the cancerous cells as quickly as possible, in an effort to stop the cancer from growing and possibly spreading.

An excision is the process of “cutting out” the lesion in which the skin cancer exists. Dr. Goldenberg will conduct an excision in order to remove the cancerous skin cells and to restore your body to full health. Excisions are effective in removing skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Removal of the affected cells is intended to stop the cancer from growing and spreading to larger areas of the skin. Early detection is crucial in diagnosing and treating skin cancer.

The Process of Excising Skin Lesions

Dr. Goldenberg wants you to feel comfortable in his care, especially during your excision. Dr. Goldenberg will use a surgical marker to indicate where the incision will be made and then anesthetize the tissue with a local anesthetic. This incision will include the removal of some healthy tissue as Dr. Goldenberg must ensure all of cancerous cells are removed.


The elliptical excision is the most commonly used as it allows the sutures to follow the pattern of the skin. This will enable better camouflage of any resulting scar as it will often blend in the folds of the skin. Once the lesion has been extracted Dr. Goldenberg will close the wound.

The removed lesion will be sent to a pathology lab where it will be examined by a pathologist. The pathologist will inspect the lesion under a microscope to confirm that all the cancerous cells were removed. These test results will be sent back to Dr. Goldenberg and discussed with the patient.

Skin Cancer Excision After Care

You will be given specific after care instructions before you leave the office.

Although rare, infections can occur after a surgical procedure.

Signs of an infection include localized redness and swelling around the stitches, pus, fever, odor coming from the wound and pain surrounding the wound.

Call Dr. Goldenberg immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

What to Expect After Your Skin Cancer Excision

At first, your scar will look quite red and possibly raised. With time and the right care, the scar will fade.

Certain cosmetic treatments, such as FRAXEL DUAL (insert link here) and/or V-Beam (insert link here) lasers can be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of the scar once it’s healed.

Your Consultation with Dr. Goldenberg in New York City

No one can anticipate a skin cancer diagnosis. The shock, confusion, and frustration that accompany skin cancer are something that Dr. Goldenberg can help with. Luckily, he has the appropriate skills and knowledge to help you fight the disease and to achieve the goal of restoring your health. Your consultation appointment with Dr. Goldenberg is the very first step toward reaching that goal. This is the time to bring in any questions, concerns, or comments you may have regarding your condition and to get them all answered. Dr. Goldenberg is determined to help you through this tough time and, together, you will take the first steps to becoming cancer-free.


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