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TCA 25% Peel

Dr. Gary Goldenberg now offers an effective alternative to cosmetic lasers and surgical facial procedures. Chemical peels have become an extremely sought after treatment, especially in the last few years. Patients who look to reduce signs of age without going under the knife or shelling thousands of dollars prefer TCA peels that can result in a significant improvement to surface discoloration and skin texture. Peels will reduce the appearances of scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and can even treat certain types of acne. The peel can also diminish dark spots and acne scars. For individuals that underwent significant sun exposure, a chemical peel will also remove damaged skin cells that could otherwise lead to cancer. With no downtime and just some minor discomfort, the TCA 25% peel is a preferred option to many of Dr. Goldenberg’s NYC patients.

TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is a very safe compound used in chemical peels to gently lift and remove the surface skin layer of dead cells and debris. This helps to prevent the establishment of clogged pores, which could otherwise lead to bacterial buildup within the skin and result in acne breakouts. It also greatly enhances the effectiveness of cosmetic products, since the skin is now clear and able to respond more readily to moisturizing nutrients and other skincare ingredients. Using a moderate-strength solution of TCA in a 1:4 ratio, this peel reveals deeper, healthier cells. Dr. Goldenberg will analyze your skin conditions during your visit to his NYC office and determine the optimal amount of time needed for the treatment.

With effects extending beyond just skin resurfacing, TCA stimulates the underlying dermal tissues to regenerate and strengthen collagen fibers. The body’s immune system responds to the sudden loss in epithelial tissue by promoting rapid regeneration of the underlying cells. This results in a smoother surface skin, removal of wrinkles and an overall more youthful complexion.

Use of chemical peels will result in a slight pinkness of the skin as the superficial layers begin to shed. Similar to a mild sunburn, patients may experience a minor increase in skin sensitivity and should avoid direct contact with sunlight without proper precautions. Most visible effects are usually seen within a week, as the surface skin layers are replaced with a healthy, new skin. The skin will respond to the treatment on a gradual level. Chemical peel procedures last approximately fifteen minutes and require minimal post-procedure precautions.

It is often suggested to combine peel treatments with other, complementary treatments. Dr. Goldenberg may suggest enhancing the results with facial fillers, for example Juvederm or Radiesse, when you meet him for a follow up appointment. Many of Dr. Goldenberg’s patients return for additional peel treatments in order to maintain the glow of their skin. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Goldenberg in his New York office to understand whether a TCA peel is right for you.


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