Top 2 Fat Loss Treatments in Bergen County

October 18th, 2020 | Categories: Fat Loss Treatments

Top 2 Fat Loss Treatments in Bergen County

Nationally renowned dermatologist and fat loss expert Dr. Gary Goldenberg has many patients who travel from Bergen County to receive the latest and most effective fat loss treatments at his NYC office. While Bergen County may be home to the Meadowlands / MetLife Stadium – and the New York Giants and Jets – few if any physicians in Bergen County offer the revolutionary combination of fat loss treatments that are available at Goldenberg Dermatology.

Dr. Goldenberg offers quite possibly both the best surgical and non-surgical treatments for fat loss – performed discreetly in our NYC medical office – all with no to little downtime! In this article Gary Goldenberg, MD discusses his Bergen County patients’ two most popular fat loss treatments.

Top Bergen County Non-Surgical Fat Loss Treatment: SculpSure

While CoolSculping is better known – because they run more commercials – our savvy Bergen County patients will tell you that they prefer SculpSure for non-invasive fat loss.

Both of these non-surgical fat loss treatments offer the advantage of no incisions, no anesthetic and no downtime – but CoolSculpting uses “fat freezing” while SculpSure employs advanced laser technology to literally “melt” away fat.

SculpSure uses a flat applicator simply placed on top of the treatment area – with no tugging, pulling or sucking of the skin like there is with CoolSculpting. And, since there is no suction, there is no chance of bruising, swelling, skin sensitivity, or nerve or vein damage with SculpSure.

SculpSure is a laser assisted fat loss procedure that delivers warm and soothing laser heat below the skin to heat up and permanently destroy fat cells. In addition to being a more comfortable procedure than CoolSculpting – with less side effects – SculpSure fat loss applies multiple applicators simultaneously. This ensures a faster procedure, and multiple areas can be treated during a single treatment.

In fact, SculpSure can treat up to four areas at one time. In contrast, CoolSculpting can treat only one treat one area at a time. SculpSure also has none of the side effects associated with CoolSculpting’s freezing process, such as stinging, prolonged numbness or aching at the treatment site!

While both of these noninvasive fat loss treatments can destroy up to 24% of fat in a treated area, SculpSure comes out as a clear winner with our Bergen County patients.

Top Bergen County Surgical Fat Loss Treatment: BeautiFill Lipo

While the different methods of lipo can all safely remove up to 11 pounds of unwanted fat in a single session, not all types of liposuction are created equal! So, our Bergen County patients must make a choice of which lipo modality they will choose.

While most lipo providers only offer “old-fashioned” tumescent lipo, Dr. Gary Goldenberg Dermatology is one of the only physicians in New York or the Bergen County area to offer revolutionary BeautiFill Lipo.

Traditional liposuction requires the doctor to insert a hard tube or straw (cannula) into the fat and manually dislodge the fat cells from the body with brute force. As a result of this process patients are often left with a substantial amount of pain, bruising and swelling – and several weeks of recovery from the trauma to the body. Additionally, results of traditional lipo can be lumpy or bumpy, as the fat tends to be unevenly separated from the body in lumps and clumps.

But BeautiFill Lipo changes the game, by utilizing comfortable laser heat energy to liquify the fat for easier, less painful and more uniform fat removal. Not only are results smooth and natural looking – but there is far less bruising or swelling, and much smaller incisions, with BeautiFill lipo.

Additionally, the laser energy emitted by the BeautiFill system not only helps remove the fat, but also simultaneously tightens skin. The laser energy used in BeautiFill fat loss contracts the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers and stimulates the formation of new collagen – for firmer, tighter skin in the treatment area! And this is something that traditional non-laser lipo simply does not do, leaving patients with loose, sagging skin where the fat was removed.

Finally, BeautiFill preserves the removed fat that was suctioned away, for use in other areas of the body. Dr. Goldenberg can use the fat that is extracted during BeautiFill lipo to fill in facial lines and wrinkles, add youthful plumpness to hollow, aging facial contours, and even enhance the breasts or buttocks without implants!

For all these reasons, you can see why our Bergen County patients prefer BeautiFill over other, older types of lipo for their fat loss needs.

Bergen County’s Top Fat Loss Treatments

In a nutshell, our Bergen County patients SculpSure over CoolSculpting for non-surgical fat loss, because SculpSure is more comfortable, has fewer side effects, treats a larger area in less time, and does not leave patients with bruising, lasting numbness or nerve pain.

And when it comes to surgical fat loss, BeautiFill Lipo is the clear winner with our Bergen County patients, for its short recovery period and revolutionary “all-in-one” combination of laser assisted lipo with skin tightening and autologous fat transfer.

If you live in the greater NYC or Bergen County area, join hundreds of your neighbors who have lost fat, inches and pounds at Goldenberg Dermatology. Call our Dr. Goldenberg today, and schedule an appointment to see which fat loss treatment is right for you!

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