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Exosome Hair Loss Treatment | NYC

Exosome therapy, the hair loss treatment of the future, is now available in NYC at Goldenberg Dermatology.

Scientists have developed Exosome Hair Loss Treatment as a natural way to regenerate lost hair, based on a highly powerful variation of stem cell therapy. Exosome therapy was originally clinically studied to regenerate the skin on the faces of patients who had suffered third degree burns. The incredible regenerative abilities of Exosomes are now being applied to hair regeneration – making it a premier solution to thinning hair for anyone in the NYC area.

For men and women alike, hair loss can seem like one of life’s most unfair realities. But thanks to Exosome Hair Loss Treatment, there is finally a solution. The board certified dermatologists at Goldenberg Dermatology are among the first and only doctors in the New York City area to offer Exosome Hair Loss Treatment – to make your hair loss anxieties a thing of the past.

In addition to state-of-the-art Exosome Hair Loss Treatment, Goldenberg Dermatology in Manhattan’s Upper East Side also offers stem cell and PRP treatments, as well as the most innovative supplements, and oral and topical medications for hair loss.

If you live in the greater New York City area, schedule a consultation at Goldenberg Dermatology in Manhattan to learn how Exosome, Stem Cell, and PRP hair loss treatments can help you regrow thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair – without surgery and with no downtime!