Natural Fat Transfer for a “BeautiFill” You!

Natural Fat Transfer for a More “BeautiFill” You!

As we get older, women and men typically begin to notice less volume in the face, hands, buttocks and breasts. And, to make matters worse, the skin also begins to lose its elasticity, and sag and droop as we get older.

Up until now expensive, dangerous and painful “plastic surgery” was the only way to remedy the loss of shape and volume in the buttocks and breast. And artificial temporary dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm, were the only solution to filling in facial lines and creases, and plumping-up thin lips and hollow facial features.

But a new, natural state-of-the-art fat transfer procedure is now available at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York City. Called “BeautiFill™” this revolutionary, minimally invasive fat transfer procedure takes fat from unwanted areas of the body and uses it to build volume where it is desired. BeautiFill fat transfer can be used to naturally enhance the buttocks (butt lift), breasts (breast augmentation), face and even the hands!

How BeautiFill Fat Transfer Works

Beautifill™ is the first laser-based system designed to suction unwanted fat out of the body, while preserving and protecting the living fat cells so that they can be injected into other areas of the body to create volume. This revolutionary fat transfer procedure combines laser assisted liposuction and fat processing into one simple treatment, to quickly harvest and process living, high-quality fat cells for immediate transfer.

Only local anesthesia is needed to ensure a comfortable procedure – and the laser assistance gently melts and dislodges the fat before removal, so there is far less discomfort and downtime than other traditional fat removal procedures such as tumescent liposuction.

fat transfer butt lift nyc

BeautiFill Fat Transfer Butt Lift

A very common complaint that BeautiFill fat transfer can address is too much fat in the belly coupled with a flat or saggy buttock. Imagine being able to take away that unwanted belly fat and transfer it to your behind – to create the round, shapely rear-end you’ve always wanted!

fat transfer breast enhancement nyc

BeautiFill Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

Many women experience loss of volume in their breasts after childbirth and/or breast feeding, or due to aging and the hormonal changes of perimenopause. And, as the subcutaneous fat in the breasts decreases, the skin also begins to sag. Still other women have always had breasts that were smaller than they desired.

But, few women are unwilling to undergo the pain, expense, scarring and lengthy recovery of artificial breast implant surgery. Many women are also understandably afraid of the well-documented complications and health hazards that artificial breast implants can pose.

But BeautiFill Fat Transfer can naturally enlarge, enhance and shape a woman’s breast using her own fat cells! And because the fat is taken from the woman’s own body, there is no risk of rejection, infection, scarring, capsular contracture or other complications. Plus, because the enhanced breasts contain only natural body tissue, they look and feel 100% natural!

fat transfer facial filler nyc

BeautiFill Fat Transfer Facial Filler

Fat transfer can also be used as a natural and longer-lasting alternative to temporary artificial dermal fillers. Fat removed from the belly, back, love handles or other unwanted areas can be used to enhance, lift and plump the cheeks, undereye area (tear troughs), temples, jowls, and chin – as well as fill in lines and creases such as the nasolabial folds (“marionette lines”) around the mouth.

And, because living fat cells are used in stead of synthetic chemicals, the fat transfer becomes a permanent part of the face – and is not dissolved and absorbed over time like Juvéderm and other artificial fillers.

In the picture below, the patient had over 1,000 ml of fat removed from her abdomen, and then 38 ml were injected back into her face to naturally plump hollow contours, and fill in lines and creases.

BeautiFill Fat Transfer New York City

BeautiFill is a safe, effective fat transfer treatment that can be used to remove fat from unwanted areas and enhance other parts of the body – with natural-looking, long-lasting results!

Whether you are interested in firmer, rounder, more shapely buttocks or breasts – or you would like to naturally reverse the signs of facial aging – schedule a consultation at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York City today.

BeautiFill Fat Transfer New York City: 212-405-8202

Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Each body is different, so individual results will vary with the amount of fat removed and the area(s) treated.