Comparing Fat Loss Treatments

Comparing NYC Fat Loss Treatments

In this article, NYC dermatologist Gary Goldenberg compares the most popular surgical and nonsurgical fat loss treatments on the market today. Read our comparisons, below, and then schedule an appointment at our NYC office for a consultation to decide which fat loss treatment is right for you!

Non-Surgical Fat Loss Treatments

Non-surgical fat loss treatments offer the advantage of no incisions, no anesthetic and no downtime. However some non-surgical fat loss treatments use “fat freezing” while others utilize laser assistance to literally “melt” the fat.

We compare two of the most popular non-surgical fat loss treatments, CoolSculpting & SculpSure to see what’s better: fat freezing or fat melting.

fat loss NYC SculpSure Fat Loss

SculpSure is a laser assisted fat loss procedure that delivers warm and soothing laser heat below the skin to heat up and permanently destroy fat cells. It is sa comfortable procedure that our NYC patients compare to a hot stone massage.

The SculpSure device lays on top of the body – with no tugging, pulling or sucking of the skin. Because there is no suction used, there is no chance of bruising, swelling, skin sensitivity, or nerve or vein damage.

Additionally four applicators applied simultaneously allow the equipment to be positioned in multiple areas during a single treatment. Often times only a single treatment is needed.

fat loss NYCCoolSculpting Fat Loss

CoolSculpting uses “cryolipolysis” to freezes targeted fat cells. An applicator is used that pinches and sucks the treated area of fat between two plates that deliver extreme cold temperature to kill the unwanted fat cells.

The suction used in CoolSculpting, as well as the intense cold temperatures to which the skin is exposed, can result in side effects such as pain, stinging, prolonged numbness or aching at the treatment site – that can last a few days to a few week. In addition to being very uncomfortable, NYC patients also report experiencing redness, swelling, bruising and skin sensitivity resulting from the pulling and the cold temperatures.

And in a very small percentage of mostly male patients a condition called adipose hyperplasia can occur, where the fat cells in the treatment site actually grow bigger rather than smaller!

Surgical Fat Loss

Surgical fat loss – also called liposuction – requires anesthetic. Small incisions are used to insert a narrow tube called a cannula that literally sucks out the fat. But newer laser-assisted lipo methods offer substantial benefits over traditional lipo.

fat loss NYC Traditional Liposuction for Fat Loss

During traditional tumescent liposuction the cannula is manipulated under the skin to manually or “mechanically” pull the fat cells away from the body before suctioning them out.

Because of the aggressive nature of loosening and separating the fat from the body, there is typically quite a bit of bruising, swelling and pain after traditional liposuction – which takes several weeks to subside.

After liposuction there is also at least a few days of downtime. No driving is allowed after traditional lipo for 24 hours – and typically patients have to take a few days off work. Exercise and strenuous activity also must be avoided for at least a week or so afterwards.

Another common problem patients experience after liposuction is loose skin. Patients who lose a lot of fat and who do not have good skin elasticity are often left with saggy, baggy, loose, hanging skin in the area of fat loss. This is unattractive and defeats the purpose of fat loss.

fat loss NYC BeautiFill Lipo Fat Loss with Fat Transfer

BeautiFill laser-assisted Lipo, however, not only removes fat, but also simultaneously tightens skin. The laser energy used in BeautiFill fat loss contracts the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers – as well as stimulates the formation of new collagen – for firmer, tighter skin in the area of fat loss.

And, unlike other surgical fat loss treatments, including traditional liposuction, BeautiFill retains the removed fat, for injection into parts of the body and face that need more volume. This process, called autologous fat injection, can be used to add volume to the face, as well as to contour the body. BeautiFill lipo uses the patient’s own fat to add plumpness to the breasts, buttocks, or other areas needing enhancement!

Additionally, BeautiFill lipo’s laser energy gently melts and separates the fat cells from the body, without the need for “brute force” like liposuction. As a result, there is less need for anesthetic, smaller incisions, and far less discomfort, swelling, and bruising. This means the recovery process is much faster and easier. And, less swelling also means that patients will see results sooner!

Best Fat Treatments – NYC

When it comes to nonsurgical fat loss treatments, NYC patients typically prefer SculpSure fat loss over CoolSculpting because SculpSure it is more comfortable, with fewer side effects and treats a larger area in less time.

When it comes to surgical fat loss, NYC patients prefer BeautiFill Lipo for its state-of-the-art “all-in-one” combination of laser assisted lipo with skin tightening and autologous fat transfer.

NYC dermatologist Gary Goldenberg is one of only a very few doctors in New York and across the country to offer BOTH SculpSure and BeautiFill  fat loss treatments.

Call our NYC medical office today, and schedule an appointment to see what fat loss treatment is right for you!

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