Exosome Hair Loss Treatment FAQs

Exosome Hair Loss Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

The human body contains what are known as stem cells: multi-purpose cells that have the ability to function as any other type of cell the body requires. Stem cells have become instrumental in many medical fields – from joint regeneration to hair loss treatment.

Board certified New York City dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg is a pioneer in the use of stem cells to treat hair loss. He now offers his patients exosome hair loss treatment – the next step in cutting-edge stem cell based hair restoration therapy.

By using “exomes” to precisely guide the action of a stem cell, exome hair loss treatment is able to revive hair follicles that no longer function. The result is an incredible restoration of hair growth for our New York City patients. In this article New York City board certified dermatologist Gary Goldenberg answers patients’ most pressing questions about the cutting-edge science behind exosome hair loss therapy!

 What exactly are exosomes?

Previously, the body’s “extracellular vesicles” -or exosomes- were originally believed simply to help the body’s cells offload waste. Over the course of the last decade, the discovery that vesicles are in fact also sent out by healthy cells changed the way we understand how cells communicate. Through this understanding, the incredible medical potential of exosomes was put to use.

Now, scientists know the full extent of what exosomes are capable of, and have used them in treating numerous health conditions including joint repair and skin regeneration. Most recently exomes are being put to use in regenerating hair growth.

How do exomes treat hair loss?

As a person ages, their stem cells produce fewer exosomes, which are responsible for regenerating cells and keeping a person looking and feeling young and healthy. This itself puts significant wear on the body’s other cells, and can cause them to function poorly. When this happens, men and women find themselves up against many age-related issues such as hair loss. But thanks to exosome hair loss treatment, this does not have to be permanent.

Exosome hair loss treatment uses exosomes to revitalize the scalp’s hair follicles. Clinical studies have proven the incredible ability of exosomes to stimulate hair growth in areas where thinning has occurred. Even better, exosome hair loss treatment stimulates “retired” hair follicles without subjecting our New York City patients to harmful side effects or lengthy downtime.

Exosome hair loss treatment involves a command from one cell being sent to the patients’ stem cells, informing them of an action to perform. This is accomplished by exosomes, which provide biological components such as DNA and RNA, as well as proteins and fats that allow for the receiving cell to carry out the necessary change.

Once the exosomes are released from the cell, they can assist in a wide variety of biological processes. These can include aiding in immune function, heart cell function, fighting inflammation, and in the case of exosome hair loss treatment, helping to regrow fuller, thicker hair.

How does Dr. Goldenberg perform exosome hair loss treatment?

At our New York City office, exosome hair loss treatment is performed remarkably rapidly, and comes with no downtime. Exosome hair loss treatment is easier to perform, less cost-prohibitive, and much less painful than hair transplant surgery.

The day after their exosome hair loss treatment appointment, our New York City patients are able to return to their regular daily routine. While they may notice some minor soreness following their exosome hair loss treatment, it should subside after no longer than a week. Furthermore, our New York City patients unanimously agree that any temporary discomfort associated with the procedure is well worth the incredible results.

Is exosome hair loss treatment the same as stem cell therapy?

Not exactly. While often confused with one another, exosomes and stem cells are two separate things. Stem cells are whole cells with the capability of turning into any type of cell in the body. Exosomes, on the other hand, are biological messengers, produced for the purpose of transferring information from cell to cell. While the two are not the same, stem cells and exosomes are closely related, as stem cells produce a great many exosomes that serve a wide variety of purposes – such as re-growing the hair. While Stem Cell Therapy and exosome hair loss treatment are two separate procedures, we do offer both at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York City, as well as PRP hair restoration therapy.

Where do the exosomes used in hair loss treatment come from?

Originally, procedures like exosome hair loss treatment produced exosomes by using a centrifuge to remove them from the blood, then injecting the exosome-rich plasma into the patient. Now, our New York City patients experience a more effective and sophisticated process.

Thanks to recent technological advancements, exosome hair loss treatment is now performed using lab-grown placental stem cells. When subjected to the correct form of stimulation, these stem cells are capable of producing numerous types of exosome. These exosomes are then injected into our New York City patients, where they help to direct their body’s own natural stem cells to stimulate hair regrowth.

What else is exome therapy used for?

In addition to providing patients with fuller, thicker heads of hair, the exosome hair loss treatment have been clinically demonstrated to regenerate skin in patients with third degree burns. Exosome therapy has also been used to treat men experiencing erectile dysfunction, and has also proved a successful means of vaginal rejuvenation.

And while exosome hair loss treatment is now probably the most popular form of exosome therapy, it has also been used for joint rejuvenation. The immune modulating and anti-inflammatory actions of exosomes have also proven to be effective treatments for common degenerative joint conditions, such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Exosome Hair Loss Treatment – New York City

Hair loss is a major source of frustration for countless New York City men and women. But thanks to the revolutionary exosome hair loss treatment, it no longer has to be.

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg is among the first providers of exosome hair loss treatment in New York City. In addition we also offer state-of-the-art stem cell and PRP hair loss treatments. For the latest, most innovative, all natural way to restore hair follicles we encourages anyone in New York City experiencing hair loss to contact Goldenberg Dermatology for a consultation.

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