The Best Treatments for Rosacea & Redness

February 24th, 2021 | Categories: Rosacea

What Are the Best Treatments for Rosacea & Redness? Any one who suffers from Rosacea or facial redness knows how frustrating it can be. This very common skin condition causes unsightly redness and the appearance of visible blood vessels in the face – and may also include small, red, pus-filled bumps. The skin may also feel hot and tender to the touch during Rosacea flare-ups. Rosacea and redness may flare up for weeks or even months at a time - and then subside for a while, only to eventually return. While it is most common in middle-aged, fair-skinned women, Rosacea can occur in almost anyone – including young... Read More

Best Acne Treatment: Photodynamic Blue Light

February 24th, 2021 | Categories: Acne

The Best Treatment for Stubborn Acne: Photodynamic Blue Light Therapy - Although acne is most common in teenagers, it can also afflict adults of any age. Because acne is associated with hormone surges, it can also be caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, and even certain steroidal medications such as prednisone, as well as the anabolic steroids used in bodybuilding. Recently an increase in acne has also been linked to wearing facemasks - because they can block pores, and trap sweat, oil (sebum), bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells. And, troublesome acne does not just occur on the face. Acne pimples can erupt on t... Read More

Safest Treatments for Pregnancy Acne

February 24th, 2021 | Categories: Acne

What Acne Treatments are Safe During Pregnancy? - The wonder of childbirth is full of many changes in a woman’s body…some of which are miraculous, and some, well, not so much. The most well-known unwanted side effect of pregnancy is probably morning sickness. Or, in the case of some women, morning-noon-and-night-sickness that involves intense nausea. However, a lesser-known - but equally annoying - consequence of carrying a child is “pregnancy acne.” And, because an expectant mother must be concerned about how everything she puts in or on her body affects her unborn child, most traditional acne treatments are o... Read More

Say Goodbye to Acne Scars with PRP Microneedling

January 25th, 2021 | Categories: Acne

Acne Scar Removal with PRP Microneedling - Although acne is commonly associated with teenagers, it can afflict adult men and women of any age. And, unfortunately, even long after the acne is gone, unsightly and embarrassing acne scars often remain. Previously, the only treatments for resurfacing acne scars were painful lasers, that came with several days of downtime. But revolutionary PRP Microneedling harnesses the body's own healing processes to smooth and resurface skin, eliminating acne scars naturally, affordably and without downtime. Goldenberg Dermatology was one of the first providers in New York, NY to off... Read More

Natural Wrinkle Reduction with PRP Microneedling

January 25th, 2021 | Categories: AntiAging

Naturally Reduce Lines & Wrinkles with PRP Microneedling - Even those New Yorkers who try to live the healthiest lifestyle are not immune to the effects of aging on the skin. Healthy living, good nutrition, and limited sun exposure can all help delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles. But, regrettably, no one is exempt from the effects of aging, heredity, gravity, stress, and other environmental factors on the body. So fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging are unfortunately inevitable. Yet, many of our New York patients who live a healthy, natural lifestyle do not want to consider artific... Read More

Get Rid of Pigmentation with PRP Microneedling

January 25th, 2021 | Categories: AntiAging

PRP Microneedling for Dark Spots, Pigmentation & Sun Damage - Pigmented lesions and discolorations of the skin can be caused by UV sun damage, heredity, aging, or even injury to the skin. The appearance of unwanted pigment of the skin has many names: melasma, age spots, dark spots, sunspots, liver spots, birth marks, freckles, lentigines and more. And these marks can appear not only on the face but also on the chest, neck and body - in a diverse range of colors and sizes. While some pigmentation can be considered “cute” – like freckles and “beauty marks” – more often than not men and women feel that th... Read More

Top 2 Fat Loss Treatments in Bergen County

October 18th, 2020 | Categories: Fat Loss Treatments

Top 2 Fat Loss Treatments in Bergen County - Nationally renowned dermatologist and fat loss expert Dr. Gary Goldenberg has many patients who travel from Bergen County to receive the latest and most effective fat loss treatments at his NYC office. While Bergen County may be home to the Meadowlands / MetLife Stadium – and the New York Giants and Jets – few if any physicians in Bergen County offer the revolutionary combination of fat loss treatments that are available at Goldenberg Dermatology. Dr. Goldenberg offers quite possibly both the best surgical and non-surgical treatments for fat loss – performed discreetly... Read More

Top 3 Hair Loss Treatments for Bergen County

October 18th, 2020 | Categories: Hair Loss

Top 3 Bergen County Hair Loss Treatments - While New Yorkers flock to Bergen County to see the Jets and Giants at the Meadowlands, there is also a migration in the other direction when it comes to finding the best hair loss treatments in the area. Nationally renowned dermatologist and hair loss expert Dr. Gary Goldenberg has many patients who travel from Bergen County to receive the latest and most effective hair loss treatments at his NYC office – because he offers a revolutionary combination of hair restoration treatments that are not available elsewhere. In this article we discuss our Bergen County patients’ Top... Read More

3 Treatments That Reverse Summer Sun Damage

October 17th, 2020 | Categories: AntiAging

3 Ways to Reverse Summer Sun Damage for Long Term Skin Health & AntiAging - Getting “too much sun” never used to be a problem for residents of NYC and surrounding suburbs like Bergen County - with 120 rainy days a year on top of long, cold winters! But, thanks to social distancing mandates, daily sun exposure has now become a much bigger concern for New York and New Jersey residents. Daily walks, meeting friends at parks rather than in windowless delis and coffee shops, and dining al fresco all mean that our skin is getting a lot more dangerous UV exposure than it used to. And, as we all know, exposure to UV ... Read More

Treating Coronavirus (COVID 19) Hair Loss

August 21st, 2020 | Categories: Hair Loss

Treating Hair Loss from Coronavirus (COVID 19)- People who were stricken with Coronavirus (COVID 19) and are now recovering are reporting a new, long-term side-effect: hair loss. As if coronavirus infection wasn’t bad enough, many women and men who have survived the virus are now struggling with the morale-deflating problem of their hair falling out. Hair loss is something with which New York City dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, MD has a great deal of experience. In fact, Dr. Goldenberg was recently interviewed by, and quoted in, Prevention magazine regarding Covid-19 hair loss. How Coronavirus (COVID 19) Causes Hai... Read More