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BeautiFill Lipo & Fat Transfer | NYC

BeautiFill Fat Transfer is a cutting edge body sculpting procedure using “autologous fat transfer” – which allows our doctors to use liposuction to remove fat from areas where you don’t want it (like the belly, love handles or thighs) – and then put it in areas where you do want more volume (such as the chest, buttocks or face).

Minimally invasive BeautiFill is a virtually painless laser-assisted liposuction process that permanently removes unwanted fat while preserving the fat cells for re-injection into areas of the body that need volume added. Dr. Gary Goldenberg is among the very first physicians in New York, and the entire US, to offer Alma Lasers’ newly released BeautiFill Body Sculpting & Fat Transfer procedure.

BeautiFill is safer than traditional liposuction, because it uses local anesthetic, and low-density laser energy that ‘melts’ the fat while minimizing the risk of burns. It is done as an outpatient procedure with reduced patient downtime, and results that are more natural looking and longer lasting. Because BeautiFill is laser assisted lipo, it reduces bleeding, swelling, and bruising – while offering enhanced skin tightening.

BeautiFill is a complete, comprehensive – “all-in-one” system for liposuction fat removal and autologous fat transfer – and the latest development in aesthetic body sculpting. Schedule a consultation today and get the body you’ve always wanted with this cutting edge fat removal and body sculpting technology – exclusively at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY.