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body sculpting new yorkBeautiFill Fat Transfer is a cutting edge body sculpting procedure using “autologous fat transfer” – which allows the doctor to remove fat from areas where you don’t want it (like the belly, love handles or thighs) – and then put it in areas where you do want more volume (such as the chest, buttocks or face).

Minimally invasive BeautiFill is a virtually painless laser-assisted liposuction process that permanently removes unwanted fat while preserving the fat cells for re-injection into areas of the body that need volume added. Dr. Gary Goldenberg is among the very first physicians in New York, and the entire US, to offer Alma Lasers’ newly released BeautiFill Body Sculpting & Fat Transfer procedure.

How BeautiFill Body Sculpting & Fat Transfer Works

body sculpting new yorkDuring BeautiFill the doctor uses a laser liposuction device to detach the unwanted fat cells. This is combined in a single procedure with a suctioning function that literally “sucks out” the unwanted fat from the body, without damaging or killing the fat cells. The harvested fat cells are then quickly processed to remove impurities, and the remaining high-quality living fat cells are immediately re-implanted back into areas of the body where there is volume loss.

This type of body sculpting using the patient’s own fat cells is sometimes called “autologous fat transfer” or “fat grafting” – because it uses the patient’s own cells to fill and sculpt the body without the need for synthetic fillers.

Benefits of BeautiFill Body Sculpting & Fat Transfer

Once the fat cells are removed from the unwanted area, they will never return in that part of the body – so the fat removal is permanent. And, because the re-implanted fat cells are living, they will remain in the “filled” area of the body – and not be flushed out like synthetic fillers.

Also, because the injected fat filler comes from the patient’s own body, there is no risk of an allergic reaction, or rejection by the patient’s body – ensuring the longevity of the fat transfer, for long-lasting results.

And, in addition to being safer and more long-lasting, using the patient’s own fat to fill areas of the lost volume is also much more cost-effective than other filler methods – since no additional synthetic fillers need to be purchased.

BeautiFill Body Sculpting & Fat Transfer – New York, NY

BeautiFill is a complete, comprehensive – “all-in-one” system for liposuction fat removal and autologous fat transfer – and the latest development in aesthetic body sculpting.

Schedule a consultation today and get the body you’ve always wanted with this cutting edge fat removal and body sculpting technology – exclusively at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY.

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