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Skin lesion removal is an in-office procedure or surgery to remove growths from the skin. Patients may wish to have a skin lesion removed for aesthetic reasons if they have a growth that is big, dark, uncomfortable, or simply makes them feel unattractive. In other cases skin lesions may have to be removed because they could be cancerous or precancerous.

Typically, our NYC dermatologists can remove simple skin lesions during a routine visit. There are many techniques for doing this, depending on the type, size, and location of the growth – as well as the condition of the patient’s skin. Our experienced Manhattan dermatologists will meet with you to analyze your skin and discuss the best, most advanced products and treatments we offer for treating skin lesions and growths.

If you have a troublesome, unsightly, or unusual skin tag, bump, or growth, schedule an appointment with the caring and experienced dermatologists at Goldenberg Dermatology in the Upper East Side – and get the clear, smooth skin you desire.