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With two board certified dermatologists and a dermatopathologist on the team, Goldenberg Dermatology provides special expertise in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of skin cancer. Common skin cancers include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

Early detection and treatment of skin cancer has been one of the most significant advances in dermatologic surgery in the past decade. An average skin cancer patient has a “spot” that is changing. Sometimes it is “a bump that won’t heal”, “a mole that changed color” or “a sore that is bleeding”. Other times it is a mole that is growing, bleeding, or itching. Doctors Gary and Kristina Goldenberg are board-certified dermatologists and experts in early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Dr. Gary Goldenberg is also a recognized dermatopathologist and is able to visualize what lesions would look like under the microscope, giving him a deep understanding of each lesion he examines.

When detected early and removed promptly and early on, skin cancer is more likely to be cured. Goldenberg Dermatology NYC proudly features the most advanced skin cancer technologies, including state-of-the-art, non-invasive Nevisense, an advanced method utilized for the detection of melanoma and abnormal moles (dysplastic nevi) in the earliest stages.

As part of a complete early detection strategy, a full body skin exam and skin cancer screening should be conducted by a dermatologist regularly, and more often if you are at higher risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure or family history.