Stem Cell & Exosome Treatments | NYC

Stem Cell & Exosome treatments are a new way to rejuvenate the skin and regrow hair – now available at Goldenberg Dermatology in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Goldenberg Dermatology is pleased to announce that it is an exclusive dermatology partner of Predictive Biotech stem cell treatment, a cellular and regenerative medicine company. We were the first dermatology practice in New York City to offer the Stem Cell Aesthetics procedure.

In the last few decades, minimally-invasive technologies have changed the medical landscape. Today, doctors who perform cosmetic procedures have an increasingly sophisticated range of treatments at their disposal, which means that patients have greater possibilities to achieve their enhancement goals. For those wishing to combat the signs of aging, Stem Cell & Exosome treatment can pave the way to better skin and thicker, fuller hair.

Exosome therapy was originally clinically applied to regenerate the skin on the faces of patients who had suffered third degree burns – and then eventually began to be used for cosmetic treatments to reverse the signs of aging. The incredible regenerative abilities of Exosomes are now being applied to hair regeneration as well – making it a premier solution to thinning hair for anyone in the NYC area.

If you would like to learn more about how stem cell and exosome therapy can repair and restore your skin or hair, contact Goldenberg Dermatology to schedule a consultation at our Manhattan office today.