Facial Fillers Are Replacing Plastic Surgery

Facial Filler Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

For decades, the only way to correct the shape of one’s nose was with painful and expensive surgical rhinoplasty (“nose job”). Similarly, until very recently, the only option for correcting a weak chin or creating a squarer and more defined jawline was plastic surgery.

But new formulations of fillers have literally changed the game when it comes to facial augmentation. Now skilled dermatologists – like NYC’s renowned Dr. Gary Goldenberg – can improve the shape of the nose or jaw with new and advanced hyaluronic acid fillers that are thicker, stronger and longer lasting than ever before.

Juvéderm Facial Filler Formulas

Juvéderm is the number one facial filler manufacturer in the world. Juvéderm is actually a family of facial fillers with several different formulas – each designed for use on specific areas of the face.

Thinner formulas of Juvéderm, such as Volbella XC, are the most spreadable – making them ideal for filling fine lip lines and treating the delicate area under the eyes. Thicker Juvéderm formulations, like Voluma XC, are suited for larger areas, such as the cheeks.

The thicker the facial filler formula, the firmer and less flexible it is, and the longer it lasts.

Juvéderm Volux Facial Filler for Chin & Jawline

Recently, Juvéderm released a new dermal filler designed specifically for jawlines. Called “Volux” this new facial filler is FDA-approved to re-sculpt the chin and jawline. Volux can immediately create a more defined chin and/or jawline with just a few injections – with no surgery and no downtime.

Previously, improving the jawline involved either chin implant surgery, or breaking, moving and reshaping the bones in the jaw. In both of these cases the patient experienced downtime of a week or more – with full healing taking several months. And, in addition to being painful, these procedures cost several thousand dollars.

But now, the ease, affordability and immediate results of Juvéderm Volux injections, make facial fillers an attractive and effective alternative to plastic surgery. And the results long-lasting Volux can last 2 years or longer!

How Juvéderm Volux Facial Filler Defines Jawlines

What makes Volux so unique is that its molecules are “cross-linked” giving it a higher density, which makes it stronger than other facial fillers. And, once it is injected, Volux will “set” and actually replicate the look and feel of real bone. The thick consistency of Volux also enables Dr. Goldenberg to mold and sculpt it into the ideal shape for your face.

A strong, square jawline – think George Clooney – has always been part of the masculine ideal! And for women, a symmetrical oval face with a defined, sharp jaw – like Angelina Jolie – is considered feminine perfection.

But some individuals are born with “weak chins” or receding jawlines. And others lose fat, bone density and muscle mass with age. Fortunately, Juvéderm Volux offers an effective and long-lasting solution to these issues. Whether your jawline or chin is receding due to genetics, aging or gravity, Volux is an excellent treatment for both men and women seeking a more pronounced, symmetrical and attractive facial shape … without surgery, without scars or with NO downtime.

Facial Fillers for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

A “liquid nose job” – also called “non-surgical rhinoplasty”- is another innovative use of facial fillers that can dramatically improve one’s appearance while avoiding the need to “go under the knife”.

Dr. Goldenberg can skillfully administer hyaluronic facial fillers in our NYC dermatology office to remedy a wide variety of cosmetic issues of the nose. A liquid nose job can augment a poorly defined nasal tip, correct a bridge that is too low, fill in dents, lift a drooping nasal tip, even-out asymmetry and crookedness, or smooth the appearance of a bump (dorsal hump).

While serious structural issues of the nose will require surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty can improve the shape and proportions of the nose at a small fraction of the cost of a surgical nose job. And unlike plastic surgery – which is painful, leaves scars and requires months of recovery – facial fillers come with little discomfort and absolutely no downtime.

Facial Fillers | NYC

The facial filler treatment that is best for your aesthetic goals will depend upon the location being treated, and the amount of volume that needs to be added. In many cases, more extreme procedures – like plastic surgery – can be avoided with the skillful injection of facial fillers at Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC.

When you schedule a facial filler appointment with NYC expert Dr. Gary Goldenberg he will examine your skin, discuss your beauty goals, and help you determine which Juvéderm formulation – or other facial filler – is right for you.

Relax in our NYC office, while Dr. Goldenberg works his magic and makes you look and feel younger and more attractive and confident with facial fillers!

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