Lip Fillers for Beautiful Smiles – without Makeup!

Lip Fillers Add Volume, Shine & Color – without Lipstick!

Summertime in New York is synonymous with fun in the sun – swimming, skiing, surfing, dining al fresco, or simply strolling in Central Park. But days spent in the sunshine also come with the challenge of looking good in spite of the sea, sand, and inevitable sweat.

Lip fillers can be a godsend during hot weather and outdoor activities – adding definition, shape, shine, and even color without the need to keep worrying about lipstick or liner.

The newest generations of lip filler formulas not only add fullness to lips, but also retain moisture to impart a shiny finish without the need for lip gloss. And some newer lip filler formulas also improve lip color and definition – so you don’t have to be worried about lipstick wearing off in the pool or at the picnic!

In this article the lip filler experts at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY discuss some of our favorite lip filler formulas – to help you decide which is right for your spectacular summer look!

What Lip Fillers Can Do

Originally, all lip fillers were essentially the same – adding ‘pillowy’ volume that looked pretty much the same on everyone. But the wide array of newer lip fillers now available do much more than simply add volume for a sexy “pout”.

In addition to adding volume, lip fillers can enhance the lips in the following ways:

  • Lifting or defining the cupid’s bow
  • Filling in vertical “smokers’ lines”
  • Giving definition to the lip border
  • Slightly lifting the corners of the mouth for a “happier” smile
  • Giving symmetry to uneven lips or a “crooked” smile

Juvéderm Lip Fillers

At Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY we are proud to offer the full family of Juvéderm lip fillers. Juvéderm has long been the “gold standard” in lip fillers – due to the wide variety of formulations, some of which last an amazing 2 years!

Each different Juvéderm product is specially created with a different formula to achieve a specific purpose. The type of Juvéderm lip filler that is best for you will depend upon the amount of volume you desire to add, as well as the location and severity of wrinkles and lines around the mouth that we are treating.

Juvéderm lip fillers are all hyaluronic acid based, which helps attract and retain moisture in the lips. This keeps lips feeling kiss-ably soft as well as moist – so they don’t dry out, even when you run out of lip gloss!

Dr. Goldenberg will be happy to help you choose the Juvéderm formulation that is right for your appearance goals! Below we discuss the different Juvéderm formulas that are designed for lips.

Juvéderm Volbella Lip Filler

Juvéderm Volbella is FDA-approved to fill and plump the lips. Volbella is a thick gel consistency that is specifically designed to add volume while also holding its shape. The ability to keep its shape without spreading is especially important for lip fillers, because the mouth is moved so much while talking, eating, smiling, frowning, etc.

Juvéderm Volbella lip fillers can last up to a full year!

Juvéderm Ultra XC Lip Filler

Juvéderm Ultra XC is an injectable lip filler formula that is designed for more subtle lip enhancement, as well as for filling in vertical lip lines around the mouth.

Because Ultra XC is a thinner, smoother formula than Volbella, it delivers a more ‘natural’ looking plumpness when used to add volume to the lips. One of Ultra XC’s biggest advantages is its effectiveness in making the mouth appear younger by reducing the appearance of vertical “smokers’ lines” around the lips.

Long-lasting Juvéderm Ultra XC can also last up to a full year.

Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC Lip Filler

Ultra Plus XC offers the most dramatic lip augmentation of the Juvéderm family of lip fillers. Its formulation is comprised of larger particles than the other Juvéderm lip fillers, so it is the most thick and dense. Because of its density, Ultra Plus XC can successfully be injected more deeply into the skin, creating more substantial volume and lift.

Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC is an ideal choice for women who want to achieve the ‘bigger-is-better’ lip augmentation look that is favored by models and influencers such as the Kardashian, Jenner, and Hadid sisters.

Restylane Lip Fillers

Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY also offers the complete line of Restylane lip fillers. Restylane Silk and new Restylane Kysse are also hyaluronic based formulas that are extremely popular with our New York, NY patients.

Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk was the very first injectable filler to be FDA-approved specifically for lip augmentation and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth. Restylane Silk’s gel formula is a comprised of smaller molecules than other Restylane products, which makes it softer and more precise to inject.

Because of its ultra-smooth liquid consistency, Restylane Silk can be injected using an extremely fine needle. This both improves injection accuracy and precision, and also reduces any discomfort or bruising after the procedure.

Restylane Silk results will typically last from six to twelve months.

Restylane Kysse

Restylane Kysse is the first lip filler designed with the patented XpresHAn Technology™ which maintains flexible movement and facial expressions. This makes Kysse extremely popular for patients who desire the most natural-looking lip enhancement.

Additionally, new Kysse is also the first lip filler to enhance the color of lips – making it unique among lip fillers. As an added advantage, smaller amounts of Kysse can achieve an equivalent improvement in lip fullness as other lip filler brands. This means Kysse often costs less to achieve the same results!

Like Juvéderm, Restylane Kysse lip filler is proven to last for up to 1 year.

Best Lip Fillers – New York, NY

With lip fillers, you can have a smooth, shiny, sexy pout all summer – without worrying about constantly applying lipstick, gloss, and liner. The lip filler experts at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY will help you choose the right injectable formula to achieve your personal appearance goals.

Schedule an appointment today, and get the plump, pretty kissable lips you’ve always wanted with lip fillers!

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