Body Sculpting: “New Normal”, New You!

Body Sculpting: “New Normal”, New You!

As the coronavirus curve begins to flatten, and quarantine isolation is relaxing a bit, we are slowly returning to what experts are calling “the new normal”. And part of this new normal involves spending more time than ever in the relative safety of the outdoors.

Hiking, biking, neighborhood strolls, walking to work, hanging out at the beach, and meeting friends in parks and playgrounds has replaced many of the typical New York pastimes – like packing into crowded coffee shops, dining in congested restaurants, or meeting up at bars and clubs crammed full of people.

But all this time in the great outdoors – during the heat and humidity of a New York City summer – means that shorts, swimsuits, tank tops and sun dresses are the new dress code for the “new normal”. And you simply can’t hide your body under sweaters, business suits, and blazers when you are outside all of the time!

The bottom line is that “the new normal” has also made many New Yorkers want a “new body”. The great news is that you can get a new body – without dieting or exercising – with the many state-of-the-art body contouring procedures offered at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York City.

Body Contouring: Fat Loss

Much has been made of the so called “Quarantine 15” – that extra fat that many New Yorkers have gained from these past months of doing nothing but snacking and watching TV or working at their computer.

Goldenberg Dermatology in New York City offers two state-of-the-art, rapid, affordable and effective fat loss treatments to permanently get rid of the “quarantine 15.” And if you make an appointment today, you will still be able to break out those swimsuits and short-shorts with confidence before summer is over!

We offer SculpSure, a non-invasive fat loss procedure that permanently removes stubborn pockets of fat from almost anywhere on the body using laser technology – with no incisions, no surgery and no downtime.

For even faster and more dramatic fat loss, we offer state-of-the-art BeautiFill laser assisted lipo. This amazing body contouring procedure can “suck out” up to 11 pounds of fat immediately and permanently in a single office visit.

Body Contouring: Flatter, Tighter Abs

Sometimes simply getting rid of the fat isn’t enough to create the body contouring results you desire – especially when the fat loss leaves loose or saggy skin in the abdomen.

In addition to removing fat, BeautiFill lipo uses laser technology to tighten and tone the skin in the abdominal area with innovative laser technology.  BeautiFill Lipo’s 1470 nm diode laser causes the collagen and elastic fibers within the skin to contract, simultaneously stimulating the production of new collagen in the process.

This leaves patients with firmer, tighter skin than ever – on the abs, arms and elsewhere – but without the many risks, large scars, long recovery period and potential complications of skin tightening surgery.

Body Contouring: Bigger Breasts without Surgery

Many women have never had breasts that were as big as they desired. Many other women have lost breast firmness, shape and volume over the years due to aging, pregnancy, nursing, gravity or hereditary factors.

Goldenberg Dermatology in New York City offers the ultimate body contouring using BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer, to naturally create breast fullness, tone, lift and shape – without the use of artificial implants or painful and expensive breast augmentation surgery.

BeautiFill breast enhancement is performed by removing unwanted, “living” fat cells from one area of the body (such as the tummy), and re-injecting them into the breasts. Through this 100% natural body contouring process, patients are provided with results that are similar to traditional breast augmentation or breast lift surgery without the scars, complications, long recovery period and dangerous complications of implanting their body with foreign objects.

Body Contouring: Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Whether you are sporting yoga pants, Daisey Dukes, or a string bikini during the “new normal”, having a round, shapely, uplifted butt can give you confidence as you venture outdoors.

But the aging process, weight fluctuations, having no time to exercise, and plain old gravity can leave a woman’s “rear” with sagging, drooping or a loss of volume. Fortunately, thanks to BeautiFill Lipo and fat transfer, New York City women now have a non-surgical body contouring method that can give them a “butt lift” without endless exercise.

Dr. Goldenberg simply removes unwanted fat from other parts of the body (usually from the belly or love handles) with BeautiFill laser assisted Lipo, and then re-injects the patient’s own fat back into their buttocks. The end result is a shapely, firm and lifted derriere!

New York City Body Contouring Treatments

Whatever the “new normal” brings for you,  having a shapely body that gives you confidence will help you enter into this next new phase with assurance.

We may not know exactly what the future holds – but we do know that our New York City body contouring treatments can give you the body you love!

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