Lipo & Fat Transfer: All-In-One Mommy Makeover (Pt 2)

NYC BeautiFill Lipo & Fat Transfer:
All-In-One Mommy Makeover (Part 2)

The Mommy Makover has recently enjoyed a significant surge in popularity in NYC, thanks to less invasive body contouring procedures that offer beautiful results with less downtime. At Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC, we offer the amazing BeautiFill Lipo & Fat Transfer “All-In-One” Mommy Makeover. Able to remove and transfer fat, BeautiFill Lipo can also tighten the skin, and transfer the removed fat into areas needing volume, such as the breast butt or face.

In this two part article we explain some of the ways that a BeautiFill Lipo Mommy Makeover can help our NYC patients get their pre-baby bodies back.

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BeautiFill Mommy Makeover: Breast Lift

The production of milk can cause a woman’s breasts to expand and contract substantially. Women often go up several cup sizes during the breastfeeding stage, then drop back down once the baby is transitioned to the bottle. Such dramatic fluctuations in size can stretch the skin of the breasts, which causes them to sag and appear flatter. But thanks to BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer, there is a highly effective, 100% natural solution to restore breast fullness.

At NYC’s Goldenberg Dermatology, we offer BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer as a way to restore volume to the breasts that has been lost due to pregnancy. A safe, noninvasive alternative to traditional breast augmentation surgery, BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer is performed by carefully removing unwanted, “living” fat cells from one area of the body (such as the tummy), and re-injecting them into the breasts. Through this process, Mommy Makeover patients are provided with similar results as traditional breast augmentation or breast lift surgery without the dangers of implanting their body with a foreign object.

Traditional breast implants come along with many serious health risks many health-conscious Mommy Makeover patients would want to avoid. Breast implants have a long history of leaking -or worse, rupturing entirely- which can be catastrophic to a woman’s health. Breast implants also frequently fall out of their desired position, which then can only be corrected with further surgery. For all these reasons and more, many new mothers now forgo traditional breast implant surgery, and choose the safer alternative of BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer.

Breast augmentation with BeautiFill Lipo and Fat transfer avoids all of the above-listed pitfalls because it is completely natural. And, since the procedure is performed using the patient’s own living fat cells, the end results look and feel infinitely more natural than could ever be achieved with artificial implants. A Mommy Makeover that includes BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer brings NYC women closer to their pre-pregnancy body with incredible, all-natural results.

BeautiFill Mommy Makeover: Butt Lift

Whether the result of the aging process, weight fluctuations, or simply having less time to exercise, new mothers often find themselves experiencing a loss of volume in the buttocks area. But now, thanks to BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer, NYC moms have a way to regain their pre-pregnancy backside.

The shapely contour that BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer can return to a woman’s butt and hips makes it a very popular part of our BeutiFill Mommy Makeovers. With BeautiFill Lipo and Fat Transfer, NYC women can replicate the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift in their Mommy Makeover, without any of the dangerous pitfalls of surgery. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Goldenberg simply takes unwanted fat removed with Beautifill Lipo, and re-injects into the buttocks. The end result is a shapely posterior that rivals or even exceeds the appearance of the patient’s pre-pregnancy bottom.

BeautiFill Mommy Makeover: Fat Transfer “Fillers”

At our NYC office, BeautiFill Laser Lipo patients are also able to have the fat that is removed during their procedure re-injected into areas of the face where volume is desired – to fill wrinkles and lines and create a more youthful appearance.

This process, called autologous fat injection, provides patients with a more affordable alternative to synthetic fillers. Autologous fat that is taken from the patient’s own body and injected into the face also yields longer lasting results than synthetic fillers – because the transferred fat is “alive” and is therefore not eliminated by the body.

BeautiFill Lipo Mommy Makeover – NYC

Why “go under the knife” – with pain, large scars and long recovery times – when a single BeautiFill Lipo appointment can give you a minimally-invasive mommy makeover, with the same stunning results?

At Goldenberg Dermatology, NYC board certified dermatologist Dr. Goldenberg gladly answers the questions of all of his Mommy Makeover patients, carefully helping them select the specific treatments that meet their desired aesthetic outcomes and give them their pre-baby body back.

For more information about how BeautiFill Lipo can offer you an “all in one” Mommy Makeover, contact us today for a consultation.

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