Why Hair Loss is More Traumatic than Ever

Why Hair Loss is More Traumatic than Ever

While hair loss has always been acknowledged as one of life’s great frustrations, recent evidence supports the claim that hair loss can have a significant adverse impact on the mental health of those afflicted. Fortunately, thanks to scientific breakthroughs in the field of hair loss treatment, anyone suffering from hair loss has more options available to them than ever before.

Around half of all men over the age of 50 -as well as roughly half of all women over 65- suffer from some form of hair loss. Anyone in the NYC area suffering from hair loss is encouraged to contact the practice of Dr. Gary Goldenberg, who offers a variety of treatments to help reverse the effects of hair loss –so you look better, and feel better emotionally.

In this article we take a look at the emotional and psychological toll of hair loss in today’s society.

Social Pressures and Hair Loss

With social media making many people feel as though their lives are constantly under the microscope, people today – particularly young people – feel more pressure than ever to present a “perfect” image of themselves on the internet. And for those who strive to be “perfect” the effects of hair loss can severely add to their anxieties.

With this in mind, it comes as little surprise that psychologists are now linking various mental health conditions – including depression and anxiety – to dissatisfaction with personal appearance, including hair loss. The physical appearance of men and women alike face more scrutiny than ever before, and something as visible as hair loss can be enough to result in serious emotional ramifications.

Social Pressure & Men’s Hair Loss

In the modern workforce, an increasing number of employers have begun to place an almost unreasonable value on the youth of their employees. With prospective hires facing more and more pressure to seem young, hair loss can be an unfair (but nonetheless very real) obstacle standing between them and being hired or promoted.

Additionally, hair loss can play an unfortunate role in the lives of those seeking out a romantic partner. With most serious relationships today beginning later in life than they did 20 or so years ago, the anxiety faced by people suffering from hair loss (which usually begins between the ages of 20 and 25) can make the already-stressful NYC dating scene even more nerve wracking!

Social Pressure & Female Hair Loss

It is a common misconception that hair loss is a condition faced exclusively by men. In fact, a large percentage of Americans suffering from hair loss are women. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that, by age 40, visible hair loss is experienced by as much as 40% of all women.

And while hair loss can be equally devastating to people of all genders, women who suffer from hair loss arguably face an even greater stigma than their male counterparts. While bald men can still be perceived as handsome (like Dwayne the Rock Johnson), hair loss is never considered attractive in our society on a woman.

Hair Loss Treatments

The fight against hair loss is such a ubiquitous part of the human experience that hair restoration treatments can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian medical texts from 1550BC show that the ancient Egyptians attempted to treat hair loss through the use of scalp scrubs made out of things such as hippopotamus fat and ground donkey hooves.

But today, it doesn’t take an ancient Egyptian witch doctor to cure one’s hair loss, all it takes is a consultation with board certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg. He offers the latest, most advanced hair loss treatments, such as stem cell hair restoration therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection.

Both PRP and stem cell hair restoration are both completely natural, and regrow the patient’s hair without the need for surgery. And while PRP and stem cell hair loss treatments generally do require more than one session, their total cost is still typically far less than the cost of hair transplant surgery. And best of all, both of these hair loss treatments are free from the side effects caused by hair loss medications.

Hair Loss Treatment – NYC

Hair loss can deal a devastating blow to one’s self confidence. But fortunately, patients in the NYC area now have more solutions than ever to treat hair loss. Board-certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg will work closely with anyone who seeks out his care to identify a hair restoration treatment plan that best suits their needs. Contact our practice today for a consultation, and to see how to make frustrating and embarrassing hair loss a thing of the past.

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