PRP Hair Restoration Treatment for Women

PRP Hair Restoration Treatment for Women

Sure, there are lots of sexy male celebrities who rock a bald head. But when it comes to women with hair loss, that’s a completely different story. Fortunately there is finally a new, state-of-the-art hair restoration treatment for women that really works!

Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis are just a few of the A-list actors who put the macho in being hairless. But can you think of a single femme fatale with a bald head or even thinning hair? While we all know “true beauty comes from within,” women are also painfully aware that we are judged by our hair every single day.

For those of us without thick Kardashian hair, it just isn’t fair. But a new, 100% natural, hair restoration technology for women and men is now available in our New York City dermatology office.

Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia – also called Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) – causes hair follicles to “shrink”. This results in hair falling out faster, and growing back more finely, in a process called “miniaturization.” The result is “wispy hair” with fewer follicles per inch of scalp.

Female Pattern Hair Loss can start anytime in a woman’s 20s to her 60s, and is typically caused by both hormonal and hereditary factors.

Out of embarrassment, women rarely discuss their hair loss – even with close friends. So most women don’t realize how common hair loss is among women. In fact, Androgenetic Alopecia affects roughly 30 million adult women in the United States alone!

Additionally, a second type of women’s hair loss called Traction Alopecia, can cause hair thinning. This condition results when hair styling – such as too tight ponytails or too heavy extensions – pull the hair out.

Unfortunately, instead of seeking medical treatment for hair loss, most women spend a fortune on mousses, blow outs, hair pieces & extensions, and volumizing shampoos to try and “hide” the problem. But none of these disguising techniques actually treat the underlying problem and restore a woman’s hair.

PRP Hair Restoration Treatment for Women

The good news is that a new hair restoration treatment is available in our New York office. Called “platelet rich plasma” – or “PRP” – it effectively treats Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) as well as Traction Alopecia in women, as well as men!

Platelets, which are found in the blood, are loaded with specific proteins called “growth factors” that stimulate the body’s healing ability. Researches have recently come to understand that, in high enough concentrations, these growth factors can also help battle hair loss.

These growth factors accomplish women’s hair restoration by stimulating “sleeping” hair follicles to “wake up” or turn on. Once the hair follicle is awake, the growth factor acts like a kind of a vitamin boost, to help the follicles grow longer and thicker hair.

The PRP Hair Restoration Process

Blood is drawn in our New York City doctor’s office, just as though the patients is having a routine blood test. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets. This leaves a concentrated liquid with 3 to 5 times more “growth factor” than blood alone.

The scalp is then numbed, and the PRP rich serum is then injected into the areas of hair loss. It’s that simple! And there is no down time.

Individual hair restoration results vary with each woman. But for good candidates, hair loss often slows almost immediately, while thicker hair regrowth can begin to be seen a number of weeks!

Women’s PRP Hair Restoration Treatments New York

We are one of very few medical practices in New York, or on the East Coast, offering these innovative and highly effective new hair restoration treatments. PRP Hair Restoration is effective for both men and women – and can also be combined with Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment, and other hair restoration technologies, which we offer in our New York dermatology office.

Call us today and schedule an appointment to see if PRP hair restoration treatments are right for you.

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