BeautiFill Lipo Gets Rid of Stubborn Back Fat

How to Get Rid of Back Fat with BeautiFill Lipo

It’s the first summer since the pandemic! But many NYC women have excitedly put on their sundresses and bathing suits again, only to find that they are now facing fat deposits in new places that have accumulated during the lockdown. Pandemic weight gain – sometimes called the “Quarantine 15” – due to a year of isolation and inactivity is a very real phenomenon. And one place where fat readily accumulates on women is the upper back area.

Why Back Fat is So Stubborn

Back fat – sometimes referred to as “bra bulge” or “bra rolls” – can be particularly difficult to get rid of. Once the body stores fat on the back, it often does not respond to diet or exercise. This is because back fat consists of a layer of adipose tissue stored under the skin (subcutaneous fat) that is “hard fat”. This is very different (and more stubborn) than the “soft fat” (visceral fat) that occurs around the abdomen.

To reduce visceral fat that has accumulated on the upper or lower back, the only effective treatment for its removal is often liposuction.

Lipo can permanently eliminate back rolls, bulges around the bra, and other fatty lumps and bumps on the back. In fact, lipo performed at our NYC medical office can remove up to 11 pounds of fat in a single session. NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg can use liposuction to slim, smooth and sculpt the back and body into the sexiest proportions.

Sun dresses, swim suits and even backless evening gowns will look amazing after back lipo – giving patients a new sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Good Candidates for Back Fat Lipo

Back lipo is an ideal treatment for most patients with stubborn pockets of back fat that are not responding to diet or exercise. Many women have a genetic predisposition to developing back fat that is not their fault. Back lipo can be the “miracle treatment” that finally gets rid of unsightly back fat once and for all. For other women back fat is something that accumulates over the years with weight gain.

Aging can also contribute to the back fat problem. Over the years a woman’s spine compresses and she “shrinks” about a quarter to a third of an inch every decade after age 40. As a result, most women will lose up to 2 inches, by age 70. So, the same amount of fat on a shorter back will inevitably result in “rolls”. And, as skin also becomes less elastic with age, the rolls become even more visible.

However back lipo is a highly effective “inch loss” method that can take several inches of unsightly bulges off of the back and body! Most patients will typically lose several pounds of fat. But remember, back lipo is an “inch loss” not a weight loss method, per se – and is not safe or effective for obese individuals.

How Back Fat Lipo is Performed

The back is one of the best areas of the body for lipo, because there is less excess skin on the back. So, the skin on the back is less sensitive than in other areas of the body and can be treated more aggressively than more delicate areas like the belly or thighs.

During back lipo in our NYC medical office, Dr. Goldenberg gently inserts a small tube-like device called a cannula through a tiny incision in the fat layer of the back. Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC is one of the only offices to offer BeautiFill Lipo – which uses laser assistance to melt and remove the fat for a more comfortable lipo procedure.

Only local anesthetic is needed during BeautiFill back lipo – so patients are not “knocked out”. And state-of-the-art laser-assisted BeautiFill lipo technology means much smaller incisions, barely visible scars that fade quickly, rapid healing, less swelling and discomfort, and better results than other types of liposuction.

Dr. Goldenberg will target the fatty tissue in the back from multiple angles, expertly sculpting the body to assure the most proportionate, smooth, consistent, sexy and natural-looking results possible.

More Advantages of BeautiFill Back Fat Lipo

Because the skin on the back is not as thick as other areas of the body, it can be prone to drooping or sagging once the fat is removed. But BeautiFill’s laser energy simultaneously tightens skin as it removes the fat. This is something that other forms of traditional, tumescent liposuction do not offer.

And, because the body can never produce new fat cells, once the back fat is removed by BeautiFill lipo, the back fat can never come back. So, unlike the endless roller coaster of dieting and exercising, lipo back fat removal is permanent.

Even better, because BeautiFill lipo removes fat in a gentler manner, the fat cells that are removed are not damaged and can be “re-purposed”. During BeautiFill lipo in our NYC office, Dr. Goldenberg can retrieve the removed fat and re-inject it into parts of the body where more volume is desired.

With BeautiFill lipo the fat cells removed from the back and other areas of the body can be used to fill hollows, wrinkles and lines in the face. The fat cells can also be skillfully reinjected to add shape and volume to the buttocks or breasts. This process, called “autologous fat injection” is not only more natural than synthetic fillers, it also lasts exponentially longer because the fat cells then become part of the body in the injected area.

NYC’s Best Lipo for Back Fat

NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg has helped hundreds of women and men get rid of fat on the back and almost every other area of the body with revolutionary BeautiFill lipo. He will assess your body’s fat distribution, your skin’s elasticity, and the proportions of your entire physique, to achieve your appearance goals.

Get the body you’ve always wanted – and look and feel better in your clothes and out of them – with BeautiFill lipo!

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