Husband and wife duo combine their expertise to provide a comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology practice.

Doctors Gary and Kristina Goldenberg, two trusted names in the world of advanced dermatology, join forces to open Goldenberg Dermatology located at 14 east 75th St. in New York City. By taking a very personalized and customized approach within the practice, this husband and wife team works with each patient, taking into account diet, lifestyle, and overall health, to formulate a long-term plan promoting optimal skin health. The Goldenberg’s are also strong proponents of working with each patient’s other medical practitioners when deemed necessary. This enables them to formulate an all-encompassing treatment plan with regards to the patient’s needs, concerns, and well being.

The doctors have extensive experience in using biologic injections for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, and both are abreast of the latest research and findings. The Goldenberg’s number one priority is the patient over anything else and both are equipped to diagnose and treat a variety of skin conditions.

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