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Skin Cancer Monitoring | NYC

Detecting skin cancer as early as possible is the key to increasing the likelihood of successful treatment. It is for this reason that Doctors Gary and Kristina Goldenberg always stress to their patients the importance of being informed of the signs and symptoms associated with the disease. It’s recommended that all adults have a full skin examination once yearly.

Patients at high risk, or those with a history of skin cancer or dysplastic nevi (abnormal moles), need even more frequent visits. Regularly checking yourself for skin cancer through an at-home screening is also important. While everyone should screen themselves regularly, there are some individuals who have an increased risk of getting skin cancer and should, therefore, screen themselves more frequently.

Goldenberg Dermatology provides special expertise in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of skin cancer. Common skin cancers include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Early detection and treatment of skin cancer has been one of the most significant advances in dermatologic surgery in the past decade. When detected early and removed promptly and early on, skin cancer is more likely to be cured.