Mixto CO2 Laser for UV Skin Damage – FAQs

Repairing UV Skin Damage with CO2 Laser Treatments

Spring has sprung, which means the sunny days of summer are fast approaching. And, because of COVID-19, most people will be spending even more time outdoors in the sun than usual this summer. But keep in mind that, while dining and socializing outdoors can reduce virus exposure, the sun’s UV rays are the number one cause of aging and skin damage.

Goldenberg Dermatology is proud to have patients that come to our Manhattan office from across across the greater NYC area, including Great Neck Long Island, because we offer the widest array of laser technologies to reverse the signs of sun damage, including: freckles, pigmentation, dark spots or sun spots, wrinkles and more.

One of our post popular and effective treatments for repairing UV skin damage is the state-of-the-art MIXto CO2 laser. In this article we answer our patient’s important questions about protecting and repairing skin that has been damaged by the sun’s UV rays with revolutionary MIXto CO2 laser technology.

How can I prevent UV skin damage?

The first step in fighting the signs of sun damage is prevention. At Goldenberg Dermatology we have developed our very own proprietary line of fast-absorbing, oil-free, lightweight, high-SPF sunscreen products. Stop by our Manhattan office to get sun protection products that not only block harmful UV rays, but also nourish and repair your skin.

What types of UV skin damage does the Mixto CO2 Laser treat?

The Mixto CO2 Laser is ideal for treating: brown pigmentation & melasma; age spots, sun spots and dark spots; wrinkles and lines; and pre-cancerous lesions. It is also an excellent procedure for resurfacing severe acne scars, and scarring from surgery, injuries and burns.

Treatment with the MiXto CO2 laser has been proven safe to treat skin damage on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands, and almost any other part of the body that is exhibiting pigmentation or other signs of UV skin damage and aging.

How does Mixto CO2 Laser treat UV skin damage?

The MIXto is a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser – a technology that that has been used to treat skin damage for more than 25 years. The MiXto improves on traditional CO2 laser technology by allowing precise regulation of the depth of penetration and the amount of heat delivered by the laser beam.

The laser energy is emitted by a high-speed scanner that makes fragmented and non-sequential contact with the skin – which reduces heat build-up on the skin, minimizing discomfort, while allowing more powerful and sustained energy to be delivered.

The CO2 laser beam of light heats and vaporizes the epidermis (top layer of skin), removing the superficial layers of skin and smoothing out wrinkles and scars. Younger skin beneath is revealed and skin remodeling is stimulated by activating new collagen production.

Additionally, specific frequencies of the laser light are absorbed by the unwanted brown pigment, destroying the discolored cells and leaving clear skin and uniform skin tone.

Does the Mixto CO2 Laser hurt?

A topical anesthetic is applied before the MIXto skin repair procedure, to ensure a comfortable treatment.

Additionally, the Mixto CO2 laser delivers energy in a unique, advanced manner that allows maximum time for thermal cooling of the tissue. This results in less pain than other lasers and a faster recovery.

Post treatment, patients report the treated skin feeling like a sunburn – but this should last less than a couple hours. Any discomfort during recovery can be managed with over the counter medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Aleve, Motrin) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Is there downtime after Mixto CO2 laser skin damage treatment?

Patients are able to drive themselves home after Mixto CO2 Laser treatment. You may return to normal activities at home, as long as sun exposure is avoided, and the skin has had gel applied for protection against risk of infection. Patients are also typically provided with a prescription for both an antiviral and antibiotics to combat any risk of infection.

Swelling typically subsides within 24 hours. However, most patients do not go back to work until after the third day, when the peeling process has finished, the redness has subsided, and the skin has healed. The final decision as to when a patient goes back out into the public will depend on their lifestyle, and how comfortable they are being seen with pink skin. Overall, the typical downtime is about 3 to 5 days.

When will I see results from Mixto CO2 Laser skin damage repair?

Because the Mixto CO2 Laser removes the outer, damaged layer of skin – and instantly tightens and contracts the skin – the skin repair results are immediately visible.  Patients will see some dramatic benefits by the time the skin is completely peeled in just a few days.

Full skin repair and rejuvenation results will continue to improve for up to six months, as the body continues to produce new collagen and elastin that “plumps,” tightens and tones the skin.

How many Mixto CO2 Laser skin damage treatments are needed?

One of the biggest advantages of Mixto CO2 Laser skin repair is that – in most cases – only one treatment is needed! For patients with very deep wrinkles or acne scars two or more treatments maybe necessary for optimum results.

UV Skin Damage Treatments – NYC | Great Neck

If you have sun-damaged skin Goldenberg Dermatology offers the widest array of treatment options to repair and rejuvenate your appearance. Dr. Goldenberg will examine your skin and recommend the laser procedure that is best for your type, location, size and degree of sun damage.

Goldenberg Dermatology is proud to have patients that come to our Manhattan office from across the greater NYC area, including several from Great Neck Long Island, because we offer a variety of safe, effective, fast and painless technologies to reverse the signs of sun damage.  Call today and take the first step toward younger, clearer, smoother skin!

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