3 Pillars of Improving Your Appearance

I am happy to announce that on November 4, I will be discussing these topics with members ofThe Transition Network, NYC Chapter.

There are 3 Pillars of Improving your Appearance with Cosmetic Dermatology:
1. Skin Care
2. Improving skin quality and texture
3. Volumizing and contouring with fillers and toxins

1. Skin Care:
Skin care does not have to be complicated or expensive. Basics of skin care include sun protection, moisturization and cleansing. Use a gentle cleanser twice daily. In the morning apply sunscreen with a moisturizer. This product can be used under your makeup or as an aftershave. At night, use a rich moisturizer or a barrier repair cream.

2. Improve skin quality and texture:
Skin quality problems include pigmentation, such as melasma, hyperpigmentaion after acne or sun exposure, enlarged pores and scarring, such as after acne or chickenpox. Several lasers can help improve these issues. V-Beam laser can help with mottled pigmentation, including dilated blood vessels and hyperpigmentation, facial redness and dilated vessels and individual brown (age) spots. Clear and Brilliant Laser can help with hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and overall skin maintenance. Fraxel Dual Laser is a resurfacing laser that can help with melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and surgical or chickenpox scarring.

3. Volumizing and facial contouring with fillers and toxins:
Toxins, such as botox, dysport and xeomin help to smooth and prevent facial lines and wrinkles. Fillers, including superficial and deep fillers, can help with restoring facial volume that is lost with aging or weight loss, and reshape and contour the face and lips too recreate a more youthful look.


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