A dermatologist’s cure for the winter blues: Look better, feel better!

No, it’s not a prescription to go tanning. It’s botulinum toxin (Botox ® or Dysport ®). Studies have shown that botulinum toxin is effective for treating depression symptoms. In a recent study, patients who received botulinum toxin in the forehead reported nearly 50% less depression symptoms on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. I have certainly seen this effect in my patients. It makes perfect sense that if one looks better, he or she feels better. But there is more to this story – experts believe that relative change in facial expression from angry, sad, and fearful to happy and can produce emotional wellbeing beyond the cosmetic benefit. Could this be a cure for your winter blues this year?

Dr. Goldenberg discusses use of Botox/Dysport for the “winter blues” in Queens Chronicle.

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