Common Misconceptions About Dry Skin


Myths About Dry Skin

Even though dry skin is much more widespread during the winter months, it can still show up during other seasons and even throughout the year for some people. Although it is a common skin condition, there are still many misconceptions surrounding dry skin as well as the causes behind it. Below, we will examine some common myths and explain why they are not true.

  1. Dehydration

It is commonly believed that dry skin is a result of not drinking enough water or, on the other hand, keeping your body hydrated will maintain the moisture in your skin and prevent dry skin. But, the truth is that drinking water does not have any bearing on how much moisture is present in your skin. If your skin is dry, it’s important to add moisture from the outside in, such as by suing a moisturizing wash and using creams, lotions or ointments.

  1. Cold Air

It is not just the cold air outdoors that causes the skin to dry up; rather it’s also the warm dry air indoors with low humidity which makes skin dry and flaky. However, it’s important to have a more moist environment during the winter months; using a humidifier in your room can increase the humidity and keep your skin healthy.

  1. Hot Showers

Contrary to popular belief, hot showers do not moisturize your skin. Instead, the heat from hot water causes the natural oils in the skin to dry out which leads to dry skin. Despite how soothing it may feel, it will do your skin wonders by turning down the heat in the shower to luke warm.

  1. Pile on the Moisturizer

Moisturizers are only effective if they have the right ingredients. Look for products that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Do not use scented moisturizers, since these chemicals may irritte the skin even more.

  1. Soaps Keep the Skin Soft and Moist

That is not necessarily the case because any harsh soap will actually strip the moisture from the skin. As a result, this can cause dry skin. So, it would be a good idea to choose a soap that is made specifically for dry skin and is gragrance and scent free.

Once again, dry skin is not something limited to certain people or specific times of the year. If you are someone who has dry skin or any other skin condition, consider booking a consultation with Dr. Goldenberg online or by calling us at 212-241-9728.

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