May Special is here and it’s fillers and botox!!!

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Cosmetic procedures are more common nowadays than ever and when performed by skilled medical practitioners, the results can make plastic surgery unnecessary. When choosing to improve your look with Dr. Goldenberg, you can rely on his years of experience with standard injectable fillers, relaxing agents, chemical peels, and cosmetic lasers.

Wrinkles are perhaps the most common issue that women and men want treated as they age. A result of degenerating skin tissues and the constant pull of gravity, wrinkles are not something that can come and go as other types of issues may. However, there are many effective options for dealing with wrinkles and reducing their appearance while maintaining one’s natural look.

Injectable fillers work by directly reducing the depth and texture of creases in the skin. A fine needle is loaded with a harmless filler compound and deposited into the dermal layer of the wrinkle. Based on a protein found normally in the skin, this synthetic enhancement is known to last longer than that naturally produced by the body. These compounds degrade naturally over time and may last up to a year, during which time additional injections can be safely performed by Dr. Goldenberg. Some compounds, such as Radiesse, also have the ability to stimulate increased collagen production in the injected areas.

Wrinkle relaxing agents are compounds that affect the muscle affecting the appearance of wrinkles. The most popular agent, Botox®, and Dysport are chemical compounds that forces the underlying muscles of the skin to cease contraction. This allows the skin to relax without folding over itself, reducing the appearance of wrinkles during facial gestures. Harmless when administered by the proper hands, consult with Dr. Goldenberg if you believe Botox can relieve you of your wrinkle worries.

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