The nasolabial fold, or the creases

The nasolabial fold, or the creases that extend from the nose to the corners of your mouth, often appear as one of the early signs of aging and can benefit from a lesser procedure when a facelift is not yet indicated. Successful treatment of the nasolabial fold can be accomplished by introducing dermal fillers to elevate the fold, thereby camouflaging its appearance. Frequently, flattening of the cheek accompanies thickening of the nasolabial due to migration of the cheek fat pad towards the lower third of the face. Adding volume to the cheek will restore the more rounded, full contours of youth to this region of the face. This approach is ideal for a younger patient, as well as an older patient who is seeking an alternative to facelift surgery. The entire procedure can be performed in Dr. Goldenberg’s office with the aid of topical numbing cream, and takes less than an hour.