Top 5 ways to prevent wrinkles

Top 5 ways to prevent wrinkles:

1. Sun protection:

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles and skin aging.  UV rays cause the superficial part of the skin (epidermis) to thin and become cigarette paper like. The dermis (middle later of the skin) may develop brown spots, decrease in collagen (which causes skin to thin) and dilated blood vessels. The deep layer of the skin (fatty layer) thins and causes loss of volume, which is usually seen on the face and backs of hands. Of course, these changes can be prevented with behavior modification – use of broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 and above, sun protective clothing and seeking the shade.

2. Moisturize your skin:

No matter what kind of moisturizer you like, it’s better than using nothing. We know that skin that’s dry and flaky is more likely to look aged and is more likely to age more rapidly. Use of moisturizer twice daily, with sunscreen in the morning and barrier repair at night, can help add moisture to your skin and decrease appearance of wrinkles.

3. Lifestyle modification:

Any type of stress will cause your skin to age more rapidly. Stress avoidance or reduction can help restore and protect your skin from wrinkles. Poor lifestyle choices, such as poor diet, smoking tobacco or drinking too much alcohol, have also been associated with premature aging and increased wrinkles formation.

4. Prevention of dynamic wrinkles:

This is often the first cosmetic procedure most people will have  – botox, dysport or xeomin injection. Dynamic wrinkles are those that are cuased by muscle movements – such as the “11” or “111” lines (angry face), horizontal lines on the forehead, and lines around eyes and mouth. By decreasing muscle movements with one of the above agents, it’s possible to smooth out those lines and decrease their progression.

5. Treatment of etched-in lines and wrinkles:

Once wrinkles become permanent (not related to muscle movements), there are only two ways to decrease their appearance – lines can be filled or volumized and laser surgery can be performed to resurface the skin to decrease appearance of these wrinkles and lines. Often the combination of these treatments is needed for optimal results. Fillers, such as restylane, juvederm and belotero, can be used to fill lines and decrease their appearance. Deeper fillers, like juvederm voluma, restylane lyft, radiesse, and sculptra, can be used to volumize and reshape facial appearance. This, in turn, will decrease appearance of wrinkles and lines. Laser resurfacing, such as with fraxel dual, is great for decreasing appearance of lines that are more superficial and present throughout.

Prevention and treatment are both key. See Dr. Goldenberg for a consultation and learn how to look your best!

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