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Dr. Goldenberg discussed Oxygen-infused makeup and skin care

Once upon a time, oxygen was used topically, to quicken the healing of burns. Pressurized oxygen is still used for this purpose in hospitals — it’s all built around the idea that an influx of healthy, stable oxygen increases skin cell metabolism. “Skin suffering from too little oxygen can often become dull, wrinkled and virtually lifeless. […]

Dr. Goldenberg discusses chemical peels on CUTIS blog

A study published in the International Journal of Dermatology (2011;50:1075-1082) evaluated skin rejuvenation effects of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and phenol peels in photoaged hairless mice. Photoaged skin exhibits deep coarse wrinkles, dryness, telangiectasia, skin atrophy, and hyperpigmentation. Three types of chemical peels are currently used: superficial type, penetrates and damages the papillary dermis (TCA 10%–30%); […]

Dr. Goldenberg discusses use of Argan Oil on FoxNews Magazine

Dr. Goldenberg discusses the use of Argan Oil on FoxNews Magazine: Argan oil (the oil extracted from the fruit of Morocco’s argan tree) has been popping up in our shampoos, body butters and facial masks, with manufacturers pointing to its endless hydrating and healing properties. But does argan oil live up to the hype? “Argan […]

Dr. Goldenberg discusses Men’s Top Beauty Tips on RadioMD

Dr. Goldenberg discusses men’s top beauty trends: 1. Healthy skin is beautiful skin: it’s important to treat dermatologic conditions, such as acne or eczema, moisturize, and wear sunscreen. 2. Botox/Dysport/Xeomin work great for men. This is true for more mature patients that want to look a bit younger or younger patients who want to prevent […]

Before and After – V-BEAM laser improves redness of Rosacea

V-beam is a laser used to treat vascular abnormalities, such as redness of acne and rosacea, angiomas (red growths), leg veins, scars/keloids, and brown pigmented lesions (lentigines). V-Beam works by dispensing intense but gentle burst of light that selectively destroys the blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin and tissues. Cosmetically sensitive areas, such as […]

How to Prevent and Treat Chapped Lips

Dr. Goldenberg discusses how to prevent and treat chapped lips on Endless Beauty. What causes chapped lips and how can I prevent them? Dry or chapped lips can be caused by several things, such as cold weather, constant lip licking, lip picking and an allergic reaction. Dry and cold weather can absorb the moisture from […]


As we age, collagen production in our skin slows and our skin may begin to sag. Thanks to genetics, exposure to the sun, and lifestyle choices such as smoking, some people experience the effects of aging skin sooner than others. Fortunately, recent advancements in medical technology have resulted in ways to rejuvenate the skin without […]

FRAXEl Laser for dark spots

Skin discolorations, dark spots, brown spots, and overall uneven pigmentation of the skin, are one of the most common complains patients have. That’s where fraxel laser comes in – it essentially works to reduce or completely eliminate blemishes on the skin’s surface, while improving the overall tone and texture of the underlying skin. Fraxel Dual […]