Why Younger Women in NYC Love Baby Botox

What is “Baby Botox”, And Why do Younger Women Love It?

“Baby Botox” is a somewhat alarming sounding term that has been trending on social media with younger women in Manhattan throughout 2021. Thankfully, “Baby Botox” does NOT refer to injecting infants with wrinkle reducers!

“Baby Botox” refers to an increasingly popular procedure in which younger patients are injected with smaller or “micro” doses of Botox – to achieve smoother “glass” skin and to prevent future wrinkles from forming.

In this article, Manhattan Botox expert and board certified dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg discusses the reasons younger women area turning to “Baby Botox” to achieve their appearance goals.

How a Duchess Spawned the Baby Botox Trend

It all started in 2019, shortly after Prince Williams’ wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to her third child. Rather than emerging from her maternal duties looking haggard (like most moms with three children including a newborn), Duchess Kate looked younger than ever and absolutely radiant.

The British Press immediately jumped on social media speculations that “Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox” – and the term stuck!

Baby Botox: Subtle Results

Traditional Botox treatments may require up to 25 or more units, but with Baby Botox, only 10 units (or less) may be needed. The results of Baby Botox “micro” injections are therefore more subtle and natural looking. To use a social media term, it can be more of a “tweakment” than a “treatment”

This can be the perfect solution for treating very fine lines that are just beginning to appear (such as the beginnings of crows’ feet) – without making dramatic or obvious changes to one’s appearance. Baby Botox patients don’t look like they’ve undergone a cosmetic procedure, they simply look more relaxed and refreshed.

Baby Botox: Precision Treatment

In addition to using lower volumes of Botox, part of the appeal of Baby Botox is its ability to deliver targeted and precise results. Rather than “freezing” an entire area of the face, the micro injections of Botox are able to deliver tailored, precision results to small targeted areas of the face.

For patients wishing to treat deeper forehead folds and crows’ feet, traditional Botox dosages are more effective. But for younger patients wishing to banish extremely fine lines, Baby Botox is an excellent solution.

Baby Botox for “Glass Skin”

Some younger patients who have yet to experience an actual wrinkle are also turning to Baby Botox to achieve the flawless “Glass Skin” popularized on Korean skin care blogs and vlogs.

Traditional Botox injections target the facial muscles that contract and cause creases, lines, and furrows to develop. But Baby Botox dosages are just injected under the outer layer of the skin, to cause a lifting and smoothing of the skin itself in the treatment area. The end result of this procedure – sometimes also called “Skin Botox” – is the smooth-as-glass appearance that has earned the name “Glass Skin.”

Baby Botox Prevents Fine Lines

Finally, Baby Botox is trending among young women (and men) in Manhattan for its ability to prevent wrinkles. Sun exposure, tanning, smoking, and even heredity can cause fine lines to begin developing on the face as early as a person’s 20s.

But by paralyzing and freezing the facial muscles with small doses of Botox, facial contractions are blocked and wrinkles are prevented from forming. In other words, weakening facial muscles at a young age stops new wrinkles from forming, so large doses of Botox will be less necessary in the later years.

Baby Botox – Manhattan | NYC

While Baby Botox is trending among younger patients in Manhattan, the subtle but effective procedure can be beneficial to women and men of any age who desire subtle, natural wrinkle reduction – or who wish to be proactive in preventing future lines from developing.

Doctor Gary Goldenberg is a board certified Manhattan dermatologist, and an experienced Botox specialist. He will take the time to understand your aesthetic goals, assess your facial skin, and develop a Botox or other anti-aging treatment plan that is right for you.

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