The Amazing Botox Lip Flip!

Get a Better Smile with a Botox Lip Flip!

Originally approved for treating wrinkles between the eyes (‘elevens’), Botox was subsequently FDA approved to treat crow’s feet as well.  However, Botox is now also being used with great success to make lips appear fuller – as well as to correct or improve the appearance of smiles.

When injected into specific areas of the lips, Botox can weaken muscles to show more lip, smooth out upper and lower lip areas, elevate the corners of the mouth, remove “marionette” lines, and fix a “gummy smile” to show less gums.

The type of lip correction desired will determine the specific area where Dr. Goldenberg injects the Botox. The Botox then remains active, relaxing the targeted muscles in the lips for up to three months.

The Botox “Lip Flip”

One of the most popular aesthetic lip treatments offered at Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC is referred to as the Botox “lip flip.” The lip flip treatment uses Botox to slightly relax the muscles around the lips, causing them to curl slightly outward, which makes them appear larger and fuller.

The Botox lip flip treatment relaxes the “orbicularis oris” muscles around the mouth. As these muscles relax, it causes the lip to roll outward and curl upward. This makes the lips look larger and lengthens the visible upper lip – without the need to add volume with fillers.

The Botox lip flip treatment, when performed properly, still allows the muscles around the lips to retain their function – and perform properly when chewing, speaking, smiling, etc. For this reason, a lip flip should only be performed by a highly trained medical provider such as board certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg.

Performing the lip flip successfully requires years of injectable experience to get the best results. The physician must understand exactly where to inject the Botox to allow the lip to “flip” outwards while still allowing the mouth muscles to move properly.

Injecting the correct muscles and with the right amount of Botox is complicated, but only takes a few minutes to do in our NYC medical office. There is no downtime afterwards, and full results become visible in 72 hours or less, as the muscles relax over the next few days.

Botox to Fix a “Gummy Smile”

A so-called “gummy smile” is one that reveals the gums above the teeth. In addition, a gummy smile may also be characterized by only showing a thin amount of the upper lip when grinning, laughing, or smiling. Many people are uncomfortable or self-conscious when smiling because they have a smile that is too “gummy.”

However, strategically placed Botox injections can adjust a gummy smile to show less gum and more upper lip.

The muscle used to pucker lips is called the orbicularis oris. It is located in what is commonly called the “Cupid’s bow” of the lip. When Botox is used to relax this muscle, it causes the upper lip to curl slightly, which makes the upper lip appear larger and cover more of the gums.

For many patients who desire a wider and/or less gummy smile, Botox alone is often sufficient. However, for patients who also desire more plump, voluminous lips, combining Botox with lip fillers can be used to achieve a more dramatic effect.

Lip Filler Injections

Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC offers several options to choose from when deciding on lip fillers to achieve your desired lip fullness. These include: Juvéderm, Restylane and more.

Restylane’s Silk formula is their original product that was FDA-approved for filling fine lines around the mouth. It is formulated with a smaller gel, making it ideal for subtle lip filler results. Newer Restylane Kysse enhances the color of lips and can smooth and improve lip texture. Kysse was specially designed to maintain the natural movement of the lips and the skin around the mouth.

Juvéderm Volbella is a thick gel that is specially designed to fill and plump the lips. Juvéderm Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC offer more dramatic lip filler results and can last up to a full year. Interesting, using Botox in the lip area in conjunction with fillers, can actually help the fillers last longer.

Since Botox and the different lip filler formulas all cause different effects, it’s important to discuss your lip injection options with Dr. Goldenberg. He will work with you to decide which lip treatment is the best for your desired outcome.

Botox Lip Flip vs. Filler Lip Lift

While a lip flip is accomplished with Botox, a lip lift refers to a procedure that creates a bigger smile using dermal fillers. Sometimes called “edge filler” the lip lift originated in Korea – where it is called “Lifting of the Smile” or “Happy Lips.”

Lip lift (edge filler) treatments use hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvéderm. During the procedure, the filler will be injected into the outside corners of the lips at an upward angle, causing the corners of the lips to remain pointed upwards. This leaves patients, at all times, with a semi-permanent smile.

Filler lip lifts (edge fillers) are often used to pull up and balance a smile at the mouth’s outer edges after having received plumping fillers in the center of the lips.

Botox Lip Flip & Lip Fillers | NYC

Doctor Goldenberg is a board-certified dermatologist, and a skilled and experienced injectable specialist. He will take the time to understand your appearance goals, assess the condition of your lips, and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC offers the best technologies in Botox, facials fillers, and lip fillers in NYC. Schedule a consultation to see if a Botox lip flip, a lip lift, or another injectable lip procedure, is right for you.

Then relax in our NYC office, while we make you look and feel like a younger and even more beautiful version of you!

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