Stop Summer Hair Loss with PRP

Prevent & Reverse Summer Hair Loss with PRP!

Telogen effluvium – sometimes referred to as “TE” – is the second most common form of hair loss, after male pattern baldness. Telogen effluvium affects both women and men – and it typically worsens during the summer months.

The bad news is that while TE hair loss typically isn’t permanent, TE hair loss can last for a year or longer. But the good news is that TE can be prevented – and even reversed – with PRP hair restoration treatments at Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC.

In this article the NYC hair restoration experts at Goldenberg Dermatology explain how PRP can be used to stop hair telogen effluvium loss and restore hair regrowth.

What is Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss?

Telogen effluvium is a condition in which changes occur in the number of hair follicles that are growing hair shafts. Hair follicles grow hair in staggered “phases”. “Telogen” is the medical term for the resting phase of hair growth.

When the number of follicles that are actively growing hairs declines during the telogen phase, the volume of hair on the head becomes thinner.

During telogen effluvium an abnormally high percentage of hairs on the head enter the telogen (resting) phase, causing a noticeable increase in hair shedding. Patients typically notice more hair than usual on their brush, in the shower, or their pillow.

Typically, TE affects the top of the scalp – in just one area, or all over the head. A receding hairline is almost never caused by telogen effluvium. Additionally, telogen effluvium rarely causes a person to lose all of their hair. However, in rare but severe cases of TE, hair on other areas of the body (such as eyebrows or pubic hair) may fall out, too.

Causes of Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss

Unlike male and female pattern baldness, telogen effluvium hair loss is not hereditary. Rather, it is “triggered” by different types of stresses on the body.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the balance of hormones in a woman’s body shifts dramatically to support the growing baby. This puts stress on the body that can cause telogen effluvium hair loss. Telogen effluvium can result in hair loss for 6 months to a year after delivery.

Trauma to the body such as an injury, blood loss, or surgery can also trigger telogen effluvium hair loss. Additionally, environmental factors – such toxins or heavy metals – can cause the hair follicles to go into the prolonged resting state of telogen effluvium.

Extreme physical stress or shock to the body including events such as suddenly losing a lot of weight, anemia, or an illness can also result in TE. And, mental stress can also lead to telogen effluvium hair loss, as well.

Medications including antidepressants, anti-hypertensive drugs, and oral contraceptives, may also cause TE hair loss. Clinical research also suggests that TE hair loss in some people may be the result of a vitamin or nutritional deficiency.

Why Telogen Effluvium is Worse in the Summer

The sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation triggers a higher-than-normal percentage of follicles to enter the telogen phase – making more follicles ready to shed.

Not only are UV rays more intense in the summer months, but people are enjoying the outdoors much more – exposing their scalps to the sun’s rays more often than in colder months.

PRP Treatment for Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss

Fortunately, state-of-the-art PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment) hair loss treatment available at Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC is highly effective at treating many cases of telogen effluvium hair loss. NYC dermatologist Gary Goldenberg is one of the few doctors in the entire NYC area to offer this innovative, 100% natural, non-surgical, hair loss treatment.

For decades PRP has been used in sports medicine for joint repair. More recently, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments have become popular among celebrities in the so-called “Vampire Facial®”. Now, clinical research has revealed that PRP can also restore and rejuvenate hair follicles, to prevent hair loss as well as restore hair growth in dormant hair follicles.

The PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss treatments involve a simple blood draw from the patient in our NYC dermatology office. The blood is then centrifuged to extract only the plasma (liquid portion of the blood), while the patients’ scalp is numbed.

When the solid blood cells are separated out, the remaining liquid plasma contains highly concentrated levels of the body’s “growth factors” that enable it to regenerate cells and heal itself.

Dr. Goldenberg then injects the rich “platelet rich plasma” into the scalp in the areas of hair loss. The concentrated growth factors rejuvenate the hair follicles and stimulate them to start producing hair shafts again, as well as growing thicker hair in each follicle.

One of the biggest advantages of PRP hair restoration is that the treatment is 100% natural, using only the body’s own growth factors. As a result, it is 100% natural and extremely safe – even after surgery, during pregnancy, or when taking medications.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment | NYC

If you are suffering from telogen effluvium, or another cause of hair loss, schedule a consultation with an experienced hair loss and restoration doctor at our NYC dermatologist’s office. The sooner you address the symptoms of hair loss, the more likely you are to prevent irreversible damage.

Dr. Goldenberg will determine the cause of your hair loss and establish a customized hair restoration treatment plan for your individual situation. In addition to PRP Hair Loss Treatments we also offer Stem Cell hair loss treatments at our NYC office, as well as hair restoration nutritional supplements, shampoos, and lotions.

Call us today and schedule an appointment to see how PRP or another of our hair loss treatments can help you keep or restore a healthy head of thick hair.

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