“Protox”: The Botox Trend for Professionals

Botox for Professionals: Get a Competitive Advantage with “Protox”

New Yorkers are finally getting their Covid-19 vaccine shots and getting back to business. But there’s also another type of shot that busy professionals are turning to as they return to the workplace: Botox!

While Botox used to be considered simply a cosmetic treatment for “beauty” purposes, an increasing number of business professionals are turning to Botox to help them maintain a competitive edge in their professional lives.

In most business fields, as well as in sports and politics, youthfulness is considered a great advantage. But employees and public figures who develop crow’s feet and furrowed brows can look older than they really are. So, more and more men and women are turning to professional Botox – sometimes called “Protox” – to preserve their youthful advantage.

Protox: Subtle Anti-Aging with Botox

The goal of a skilled “Protox” Botox injection is to look younger, without looking like you have had “work done.” A skilled Botox injector like NYC’s Dr. Gary Goldenberg will paralyze only the muscles that cause wrinkles and frown lines, while not making your facial expression appear “frozen” or un-emotive.

In other words, it’s really part art and part science, to achieve a youthful appearance that appears natural with Botox. Not only does Botox give you confidence in your appearance but looking “ten years younger” can impart significant benefits in the workplace, too.

Younger Looking People Have Workplace Advantage

Across a wide variety of professions there is growing pressure to look younger and more dynamic in the workplace – driven in large part by growing job competitiveness. Sadly, gone are the days when grey hair and maturity were valued in the workplace for “wisdom” and “experience”.

Younger employees are often preferred in many industries because they are perceived as being more knowledgeable about technology –and more “in touch” than their older counterparts with the desirable youth demographic.

This holds true in the entertainment industry, sports arena, and even in politics, as well. Today’s leading ladies and men all look youthful and flawless well into their 60s and beyond, thanks to Botox and other antiaging technologies. Celebrities like Jennifer Anniston (age 52) and Jennifer Lopez (age 53) have set the bar very high. Even Jane Fonda – in her eighties – is almost wrinkle free (and still getting acting roles) thanks to cosmetic treatments like Botox.

Botox and Beauty on the Job

While being judged on their looks, rather than on their abilities, has always been a systemic issue for women – the so-called “attractiveness standard” is now being applied to men as well. So, while females have always comprised the vast majority of Botox users, the number of men who get Botox injections has increased dramatically in the last few years.

According to a recent report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of male Botox user has increased by an astounding 337 percent since 2000.

This should be no surprise, based on the findings of a recent Smithsonian article that reported “handsome” men make on average 13 percent more during their career than a man holding the same position who is less attractive. That article went on to reveal that even quarterbacks who were perceived as “hot” earned 12 percent more than quarterbacks who were deemed to be “homely”.

So, many professionals of both  genders are realizing that an investment in Botox, can indeed be a good investment in one’s earning potential.

Botox to Look “Friendlier” at Work

In addition to its anti-aging abilities, Botox is also a favorite of professionals who not only want to look younger, but who also desire a friendlier, less dour appearance. Because Botox relaxes the forehead muscles, it replaces the appearance of permanent “scowling” with a more open and approachable countenance.

Politicians who look friendly are more likely to be elected. Similarly, affable appearing attorneys will do better in front of a jury than an angry-looking lawyer. And educators and presenters will hold their audience’s attention much longer if they look amicable rather than antagonistic.

Botox – NYC

Doctor Gary Goldenberg is a board certified NYC dermatologist, and an experienced Botox specialist. He will take the time to understand your appearance goals, assess your skin condition, and develop a treatment plan makes you look years younger in a natural way.

Whether you want to look younger for professional or personal reasons – a small investment in Botox can yield huge dividends in self-confidence, earning potential and even “hire-ability”!

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