4 Tips for Perfect Lip Fillers

4 Tips for Perfect Lip Fillers

Few of us are born with full, Angelina Jolie type lips. But now lip fillers can give any woman full, sensuous, supermodel lips! But before receiving lip fillers for the first time, there are a number of important details to consider. Whether you are interested in dramatic, voluptuous results – or something more subtle – the best results come from first having all the necessary information.

For this reason, board-certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg has outlined four of the most important things to consider before getting lip fillers.

#1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better With Lip Fillers

The best lip fillers are those that look the most natural. Since everyone has their own unique facial proportions, the ideal lip filler size will be different for everyone. For many of our NYC patients, this means more subtle lip filler injections.

Lip fillers are meant to provide balance to a person’s face, contributing to the level of proportion scientifically proven to be viewed as the most attractive. For example, when a patient with a small nose or smaller eyes choses enormous lip fillers, that sense of balance is thrown off, and can create the exact opposite of the desired effect.

NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg will help you achieve the perfect lip filler balance, to look younger and sexier, while still looking naturally beautiful.

#2. Take it Slow with Lip Fillers

The best way to make larger lip fillers look their best is typically through gradual increases in size. Rather than visiting our NYC practice for just one big injection, patients are encouraged to “start slow” and return if necessary for more filler later.

This allows the lip fillers to take on the most natural shape possible, and helps avoid the lips from protruding too far forward and looking unnatural or artificial. Remember, you can always ad more … but you can’t “add less”.

#3.  Look Natural with Lip Fillers

Our aim in providing lip fillers is to always leave patients looking as though they were born with their new, beautiful lips. The best lip fillers simply accentuate the patient’s natural beauty while still looking anatomically possible.

To achieve this, lip fillers should not be used to completely change the shape and/or size of one’s lips. By simply adding a subtle level of enhancement, patients still look like themselves – just with plumper, fuller, sexy, healthy-looking lips.

#4. Choose the Right Lip Filler Product

At Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC, we offer a number of different injectable lip fillers, the majority of which are made with hyaluronic acid.

Among the hyaluronic lip fillers we offer are Juvéderm Ultra, Juvéderm Volbella, and Restylane Silk. Each has its own unique properties, such as the length of time for which their results last.

For patients new to lip fillers – or those not ready to make a long-term commitment to lip fillers – we offer Restylane Silk, which tends to wear off after three to six months. Juvéderm Ultra and Volbella lip fillers, on the other hand, can last between six months to a year.

During your consultation, board certified NYC dermatologist Dr. Goldenberg will explain all available options during your consultation, and will carefully help you select the lip fillers that are best suited to your aesthetic goals.

Best Lip Fillers in NYC

At Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC, we treat our patients using only the best, most advanced medical aesthetic technology available. And our lip filler patients are leave our office feeling more beautiful and confident than ever!

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