Nanofat Grafting: Newest Treatment for Lines & Wrinkles

Nanofat Grafting: The Newest Treatment for Lines & Wrinkles

Nanofat Grafting -one of the latest developments in the field of autologous fat transfer- is capable of effectively reversing signs of the aging process such as fine lines, wrinkles, hollow contours, and thinning lips and skin. And, Nanofat Grafting accomplishes all of this without surgery, and 100% naturally, by transferring tiny fat particles from one area of the patient’s body to another.

Dr. Gary Goldenberg is among the first providers in New York, NY to offer this new, state-of-the-art, all natural alternative to synthetic dermal fillers – as a means of restoring volume to wrinkles, hollow areas, shallow skin, fine lines, and more.

The Science of Nanofat Grafting

Nanofat Grafting is a form of autologous fat transfer, the process by which volume is added to various areas on a person’s body, by using their own fat tissue. Nanofat Grafting may also be referred to by the names micro-fat grafting or Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection (ALMI).

Nano Fat Grafting refers to the process by which a small amount of a patient’s fat is removed from their body and then filtered down into incredibly small particles of fat that are used in the procedure. Goldenberg Dermatology has an outstanding track record treating our patients using only the latest and most effective procedures. Now, Nanofat Grafting joins the many other innovative aesthetic procedures available at our New York, NY dermatology practice.

In addition to acting as a filler, in clinical studies Nanofat Grafting has also been shown to stimulate architectural changes to the collagen and elastin of the treatment area, thus resulting in the actual regeneration of tissues.

Nanofat Grafting Steps

After administering local anesthetic, the fat will be withdrawn with a needle -the sensation of which is similar to having blood drawn. In order to remove impurities, the fat is then washed and sterilized.

Next, using an innovative device developed specifically for Nanofat Grafting, the fat will be eventually reduced down to tiny, microscopic particles or “micro drops”.  After being modified even further by passing through a pair of screens (each of a different size), the Nanofat is then ready to be injected into the lines, wrinkles, or other areas where Dr. Goldenberg is restoring volume.

Uses of Nanofat Grafting

At our New York, NY practice, we offer Nanofat Grafting as a means of restoring a more youthful appearance to areas of wrinkles and lines, volume loss and/or thinning skin.

In addition to helping restore volume to the skin, Nanofat Grafting has also proven to be effective for treating thinning hair during the early stages of baldness. Nanofat Grafting has also been demonstrated to aid in the healing process of certain wounds, and can help improve the appearance of scarring. These incredible properties of the Nanofat Grafting procedure are believed to stem from both the reduction of inflammation and the increased blood supply to the tissues of the treatment area.

Board certified New York, NY dermatologist Dr. Goldenberg has used Nanofat Grafting with great success to provide patients relief from fine lines, wrinkles, perioral rhytids, sun damage, thinning lips, and deep lines on the face and neck. Nanofat Grafting is also highly effective for providing rejuvenation to the forehead, and can also treat radiated tissue, acne scars, and scars in general.

Nanofat grafting is also often used in combination with The MiXto Fractionated laser at our New York, NY aesthetic dermatology practice. The MiXto is a laser retexturing treatment that can smooth out the surface of the skin and rejuvenate the overall appearance – also with very minimal downtime.

Nanofat Grafting – New York, NY

Nanofat Grafting is a safe, effective, long-lasting and 100% natural method of reversing the signs of aging – without surgery or the use of temporary synthetic fillers. For more information about the benefits of Nanofat Grafting, contact Goldenberg Dermatology for a consultation today – and become a younger looking, more beautiful version of YOU!

Dr. Goldenberg is one of the first and only dermatologists in the entire New York, NY area to offer cutting-edge nanofat grafting.  If you’re considering facial rejuvenation New York, NY Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg, can help you decide whether nanofat grafting is right for you.

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