Why SculpSure is the Best Laser Lipo

SculpSure fat removal treatment is often called “laser lipo” because of its ability to permanently remove unwanted areas of body fat – using laser energy rather than surgery. However, many other fat treatment procedures on the market also claim to be some form of “laser lipo” as well. Knowing which laser lipo treatment is which – and which truly works to permanently remove fat – can be confusing.

In this article New York, NY dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg explains the difference between different laser lipo treatments – and demonstrates why SculpSure is head and shoulders above the rest.

How SculpSure Laser Lipo Works

Sculpsure™ laser lipo uses a patented laser with a 1060 nm wavelength that targets the fat cells (adipocyte). The laser energy heats the fat cells underneath the skin, without affecting the outer layers of skin. The heat literally melts the cells, killing them in a process called apoptosis.

The dead fat cells are then flushed out of the body over time through the body’s natural elimination process, over a 6 to 12 week period.  By the twelfth week, all of the destroyed fat cells are gone. Because the body does not make new fat cells to replace them, the fat loss is permanent.

For this reason, the FDA has approved Sculpsure™ as a treatment for permanent fat cell reduction.

Other “Laser Lipo” Treatments

A number of other non-invasive devices are on the market that also claim to be some form of “laser lipo”. However, these treatments only shrink the fat cells, but do not permanently eliminate the fat. 

The difference in technology is that these devices use a Low Level “cold laser” technology, which only operates at a 635 nm wavelength. While these devices shrink the fat cell (just like dieting), the fat cells are not removed – so they can (and will) fill up with fat again.

The brand name of these “cold” low level lasers include: i-Lipo, Zerona® Laser, Lipo Laser, Erchonia™, and i-LipoXcell™, and several others.

While SculpSure is FDA approved as a treatment for permanent fat cell reduction, these cold laser brands are not FDA approved.

In fact, the National Institute of Health (NIH) recently published a review of clinical studies on fat loss, and concluded that the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Treatment as a fat reduction procedure has not been sufficiently proven.

The Laser Lipo Bottom Line

By the time one reaches adulthood, a person has all of the fat cells they will ever have. These fat cells can get larger when the person gains weight, and can shrink when the person diets or exercises. But the number of fat cells (and their location on the body) remains constant – unless the fat cells are removed via invasive surgical liposuction, or are killed via a procedure like high level lasers.

SculpSure does indeed kill the fat cells so they never return. Other low level cold laser lipo procedures only shrink the cells – leaving them in place to fill up again, unless strict dieting and exercise is maintained.

Laser Lipo – New York, NY

Patients prefer SculpSure laser lipo over traditional liposuction because it is non-surgical, painless, and there is no downtime. And, because SculpSure Laser Lipo permanently removes fat, it is superior to other low level cold laser treatments that claim to be laser lipo.

Call our New York, NY medical office today, and schedule an appointment to see how SculpSure laser lipo can give you the smooth, sleek body you have always wanted!

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