SculpSure Fat Loss FAQs

Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY offers the latest, most effective non-invasive fat loss treatments for women and men. One of our favorite fat loss treatments is “SculpSure”.

In this article New York dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg answers his patients’ most commonly asked questions about SculpSure fat loss.

What is SculpSure Fat Loss Treatment?

SculpSure is a non-invasive procedure that removes stubborn fat from the body using innovative laser technology – with no incisions, no surgery and no downtime.

How Does SculpSure Fat Loss Treatment Work?

SculpSure uses laser energy to heat the fat cells underneath the skin, without affecting the outer layers of skin.

This targeted heat destroys the fat cells, and they are flushed out of the body over time through the body’s natural elimination process. For this reason some people refer to SculpSure fat loss as “Laser Lipo” !

How much fat can I lose with SculpSure?

Each 25 minute SculpSure Fat Loss treatment in our New York office can destroy up to 24% of the fat cells in the treated area.

What body areas can be treated for Fat Loss with SculpSure ?

The FDA has approved SculpSure for fat loss in the abdomen (belly), flanks (love handles / muffin top), back, and thighs – as well as under the chin.

Who is a good candidate for SculpSure Fat Loss Treatment?

Fat placement on the body is largely hereditary. The number of fat cells in any area typically remains constant throughout adult life. As we lose weight, the fat cells become smaller, and as we gain weight the fat cells become larger. But the number of fat cells doesn’t change.

As a result, even the strictest diet or most rigorous exercise program will not remove fat cells in these “trouble spots”. But SculpSure fat loss is ideal for people with stubborn trouble spots that are resistant to diet and exercise.

How many SculpSure Fat Loss treatments will I need?

The amount of fat every patient has is different, and it is also located in different areas. So each patient’s fat loss treatment plan is different.

Even a single SculpSure Fat Loss treatment will lead to dramatically visible fat reduction. However, patients with a more significant amount of fat will see the best results when they receive a series of treatments.

Top New York fat loss doctor Gary Goldenberg will customize a SculpSure Fat Loss treatment plan that is right for you.

Does SculpSure Fat Loss hurt?

No. It is a painless procedure and no anesthetic is needed. Most patients in our New York office report experiencing a deep warmth and tingling sensation throughout the SculpSure Fat Loss treatment. Some patients say it takes a few minutes to get used to, while other patients find the sensation relaxing.

How soon will I see fat loss results?

While the fat cells are killed immediately, it takes time for the body to eliminate them. Most patients start to see visible fat loss results as early as 6 weeks after treatment. The body continues to eliminate the dead fat cells, and optimal results are usually apparent around 12 weeks.

How long do SculpSure Fat Loss results last?

Because the fat cells are destroyed, the results of SculpSure Fat Loss are permanent. The fat cells are “killed” during treatment and will never regenerate or return.

Fat Loss – New York, NY

Many of our patients love SculpSure fat loss because it is a non-surgical, painless, and permanent way to lose fat – with no downtime.

Call our New York, NY medical office today, and schedule an appointment to see how SculpSure fat loss treatments can give you the body you’ll love.

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