5 Things to Know About PRP Hair Restoration

In this article, New York hair restoration expert Dr. Gary Goldenberg shares some surprising facts about PRP hair restoration that you may not know.

1. PRP is Not Just for Hair Restoration

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably heard about professional athletes using “regenerative medicine” or “growth factor injections” to rapidly heal from sports injuries. Hundreds of A-list athletes – including New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, New York Met Jose Reyes, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry & Tiger Woods – have used Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) to accelerate healing.

Alternatively, if you are a reality television or social media addict, you’ve probably seen or heard about the so-called “vampire facial®” – made popular by “influencers” like the Kardashians. But the spooky sounding facial is actually just a trademarked name for PRP injections for facial rejuvenation.

Both these sports injury procedures and these rejuvenating skin treatments have been using PRP injections for more than a decade to harness the body’s own healing and restoration processes. But PRP treatment for hair restoration has only been in use within the last few years.

2. PRP Hair Restoration is Side Effect Free

The good news for anyone with thinning hair is that PRP can help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth without side-effects, interactions or complications.

For the most part, there’s no risk associated with PRP – because the process uses fluids extracted from the patient’s own body to stimulate hair growth. This means there’s virtually no chance of an allergic or adverse reaction to the PRP injection – since the hair restoration doctor is merely putting back into the scalp what he took out of the patients’ blood.

3. PRP Hair Restoration Works for Men & Women

Although people often associate hair loss strictly with men – thinning hair affects millions of women every year. In fact, hair loss caused by “telogen effluvium” is believed to affect up to 40% of pregnant women to some extent.

Similarly, genetically determined androgenic alopecia (“male pattern baldness”) – the leading cause of hair loss – affects women as well as men. In women, androgenic alopecia typically takes the form of a widening part with normal hair thickness toward the back of the head.

PRP hair restoration is highly effective at treating thinning hair caused by both androgenic alopecia and telogen effluvium – making it ideal for women as well as men.

4. PRP Hair Restoration is Safe for Almost Everyone

Unlike hair loss medications and topical hair loss supplements, PRP contains no chemicals. So even pregnant or nursing mothers, or patients with underlying medical conditions, are typically safe candidates for PRP hair restoration.

Again, since PRP hair restoration uses only the body’s own 100% natural Platelet Rich Plasma it does not affect the fetus or nursing infants – and does not interact with other medications.

Of course, if you are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from an underlying medical condition, always discuss PRP hair restoration with your doctor, first.

5. Consistency is Key with PRP Hair Restoration

For optimal hair restoration results, PRP hair restoration should typically be performed at regular intervals about once a month for the first three to four months. After that consistent follow-up maintenance appointments should be scheduled once and then every three to six months depending on the individual patient’s response and results.

For patients who follow this routine consistently, results can first be seen within two to three months, and can be optimally maintained.

Hair Restoration New York

To determine if PRP hair restoration is right for you, schedule a consultation with experienced New York hair restoration doctor Gary Goldenberg, MD.

He will help you understand the cause of your hair loss and establish a customized hair restoration treatment plan for your individual situation. In addition to PRP Hair Restoration Treatments at our New York office, we also offer Stem Cell Hair Restoration and highly effective hair restoration nutritional supplements, shampoos and lotions that can be used in conjunction with these state-of-the-art procedures.

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