Stem Cell Hair Restoration FAQs

Goldenberg Dermatology is one of the first medical offices in New York and on the east coast to use stem cell therapy for hair restoration. In this article we answer our patients most frequently asked questions about stem cell hair loss treatments.

What is a Stem Cell?

In basic terms, a stem cell is a type of cell in the body that is a “blank canvas” waiting to turn into a more specific type of cell when the body needs it.

When the body faces an injury or disease, the stem cells gets “activated” and become the type of specialized cell that the body needs at that point for healing and replenishing itself.

How Do Stem Cells Restore Hair Loss?

Stem cells remain “unspecialized” until they are called into action to maintain or repair the body.

When utilized in hair restorations treatments, stem cells are used to activate hair follicles that have become dormant and have stopped producing hair – due to age, heredity, hormonal changes, environmental damage, or other causes.

What Is the Stem Cell Hair Restoration Procedure?

Stem Cell hair restoration treatment is an outpatient procedure performed in our New York, NY office.

Dr. Goldenberg begins stem cell hair restoration by extracting a few ounces of fat from the patient’s abdomen using a “mini” liposuction device. The removed fat is then spun down in a special type of centrifuge machine, to isolate the stem cells.

Once isolated, Dr. Goldenberg then injects the stem cells into the areas of the scalp affected by hair loss.  Typically, mild sedation and local anesthesia are used to ensure a painless experience.

Is Stem Cell Hair Restoration Safe?

Absolutely! Because only the patient’s own fat is injected into the scalp, there is no danger of an adverse or allergic reaction. As long as the procedure is performed by a licensed physician in sterile medical conditions, there is also generally no risk of infection or any other complications.

How Long Does Stem Cell Hair Restoration Treatment Take?

Most stem cell hair restoration treatments are completed within 3 hours. The length of time will depend, in part, on the extent of the patient’s hair loss and the number of areas of the scalp to be treated.

What Is the Recovery Time from Stem Cell Hair Restoration Treatment?

Because stem cell hair restoration is an outpatient procedure, patients can go home immediately following completion of the treatment. However, they should arrange for a friend or an Uber to drive them, as they may still be mildly sedated.

Most stem cell hair restoration patients are able to return to work or resume normal daily activities the next day – so there is really no “downtime”. Patients may experience some soreness or tenderness for about a week following stem cell hair restoration – and should also refrain from excessive exercise or exertion for about a week.

When Will I see Stem Cell Hair Restoration Results?

Every patient is different – and the outcome of stem cell therapy depends on each person’s unique healing process. Because the restored follicles still need time to grow the new hair, results may take a few weeks to several months.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration – New York

Each individual’s hair loss is different. So stem cell hair restoration may work better for some patients, while other hair loss therapies we offer at our New York office may work better for other patients. Or a combination of multiple treatments may be most effective.

At our New York, NY dermatology practice, our experienced hair restoration doctors offer Stem Cell, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and a variety of other state-of-the-art hair loss treatments.

We are one of the only medical practices in New York, New Jersey or on the East Coast offering these innovative and highly effective new hair restoration treatments. Call us today and schedule an appointment to see if Stem Cell hair restoration is right for you.

New York Stem Cell Hair Restoration: 212-405-8202

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