Natural PRP Treats Pregnancy Hair Loss

The wonders and miracles of childbirth can also be accompanied by some not-so-wonderful changes in a woman’s body. In addition to the challenges of weight gain, morning sickness, and backaches, many women also experience hair loss during or after pregnancy.

And while this type of hair loss is typically temporary, it can take 6 month to a year for the hair to begin growing in again.

Fortunately new, 100% natural PRP treatment for pregnancy hair loss is now available in our New York City dermatology office.

What Causes Hair Loss During Pregnancy?

At any given time, approximately 90% of a person’s hair should be growing, while the other 10% of hair follicles are in a resting phase. Every two to three months the resting hair falls out, and a new hair then grows from the follicle in its place.

However, the hormonal fluctuations during and after pregnancy can cause a larger percentage of the woman’s hair follicles to go into the dormant, resting phase. So, as hairs fall out, the follicle does not produce a new one. The result is thinning of the hair either in patches, or all over the head.

This condition is called telogen effluvium – or “TE”. Telogen effluvium is believed to affect up to 40% of pregnant women to some extent. The excessive shedding can occur at any time during pregnancy – or may occur from one to five months after delivery pregnancy.

Other medical conditions, such as injury, blood loss, heavy metal poisoning, and certain medications can also cause telogen effluvium. In fact, TE is the second most common form of hair loss.

100% Safe, Natural PRP Treatment for TE Hair Loss During Pregnancy

The good news is that TE hair loss due to pregnancy typically is not permanent. In most cases, however, it can take six months to a year for “TE” hair loss to begin reversing.

While other patients with TE may consider using Rogaine, or other topical or oral medications for hair loss – chemical treatments are not an option for pregnant or nursing women.

Fortunately, a new, state-of-the-art hair loss treatment called “PRP” (Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment) effectively treats telogen effluvium hair loss due to pregnancy – using just the body’s own platelets.

New York, NY dermatologist Gary Goldenberg is one of the few doctors in the entire NYC area to offer this innovative, drug-free, 100% safe and natural hair loss treatment.

During PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss treatments, blood is drawn from the patient in our New York dermatology office. The blood is then centrifuged, extracting only the plasma. This plasma is “rich” in the body’s “growth factors” – containing up to 8 times the concentration of blood.

This platelet rich plasma is then injected back into the woman’s own scalp. Her own concentrated growth factor stimulates the dormant hair follicles to start producing hair again, as well as growing thicker hair in each follicle!

Because the treatment is 100% derived from the woman’s own cells, the treatment is safe for the mother and baby at any stage of pregnancy, as well as while nursing.

New York PRP Pregnancy Hair Loss Treatment

If you are suffering from telogen effluvium, or another cause of hair loss, schedule a consultation with an experienced hair loss and restoration doctor at our New York, NY dermatologist’s office.

We will determine the cause of your hair loss and establish a customized hair restoration treatment plan for your individual situation. In addition to PRP Hair Loss Treatments we also offer Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatments at our New York office, as well as hair restoration nutritional supplements, shampoos and lotions.

Call us today and schedule an appointment to see if PRP or Stem Cell hair loss treatments are right for you.

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