Why People in NYC Love BeautiFill Laser Lipo

Why We Love BeautiFill Laser Lipo

When liposuction – more commonly called lipo – first arrived on the market in the early 1980s, it revolutionized the industry of medical fat loss. Since then, the technology behind lipo has improved significantly, with the painful side effects and lengthy recovery period associated with the original lipo procedures have substantially diminished.

The latest technology available in liposuction is laser assisted BeautiFill Lipo, which we offer at our NYC dermatology office. BeautiFill Laser Lipo is less invasive, more comfortable and has shorter downtime that other lipo procedures.

In this article NYC lipo expert Dr. Gary Goldenberg discusses why our NYC patients love BeautiFill Laser Lipo for fat loss, body sculpting and skin tightening needs.

BeautiFill Laser Lipo Is Gentler

For fat to be removed during lipo, it must first be loosened. Loosening the fat from the body is necessary for removal. However, the process by which it was loosened during earlier forms of lipo was a physically taxing process. Originally, lipo was performed through aggressively moving the cannula to manually pull the fat away from the connective tissue. But thanks to BeautiFill laser-assisted lipo, the fat-loosening process is now both easier to perform and much more comfortable for the patient.

Rather than mechanically (and painfully)  dislodging the fat, BeautiFill lipo literally melts fat cells  with laser-generated heat energy. This eases the process of fat extraction and results in the patient enjoying less pain, less swelling, a swifter recovery time, and an all-around smoother and more comfortable procedure.

BeautiFill Laser Lipo is Individually Tailored

Once the fat has been melted away, the next step of the BeautiFill lipo treatment is for the fat to be sucked out through a thin, hollow tube called a cannula. BeautiFill laser lipo cannulas are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for a customized treatment. At Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC, we work carefully with all of our lipo patients to select the cannula(s) most appropriate for their individual procedure. For example, an angled cannula is most appropriate for performing lipo on the neck, whereas an ab-etching lipo procedure would best be suited for a different type of cannula.

The end result is a truly “sculpted” appearance that is much more refined than the clumsy fat extraction of traditional lipo.

BeautiFill Laser Lipo Tightens Skin

One unfortunate side effect of traditional lipo is the loose skin that remains after the procedure, in the area where the fat has been removed. But BeautiFill laser lipo remedies this problem.  Patients can remove as much fat as they like without ever running the risk of loose skin.

During the third step of BeautiFill laser lipo – called Fat Equalization – the remaining layer of fat is smoothed out to fill in the remaining contours of the treatment area. The fat equalization process of BeautiFill laser lipo provides a safe and comfortable alternative to the surgical removal of loose skin.

The elasticity of the skin, as well as its supple and youthful qualities, is the result of the structural protein collagen. Through the laser energy, the production of collagen in the skin is naturally stimulated. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, the skin becomes smoother, tighter and more toned.

You Can Use the Extracted Fat from BeautiFill Laser Lipo

Because BeautiFill laser lipo enables patients to get rid of unwanted fat in a more gentle manner, the fat cells that are removed are not damaged and can be “re-purposed”. During BeautiFill lipo in our NYC office, Dr. Goldenberg  retrieves the fat removed from the procedure,and re-injects it into parts of the body where the patient wishes to increase volume. It can be used to fill hollows, wrinkles, lines, or flat sagging areas such as the face, buttocks, or breasts. Through this process, which is called autologous fat injection, patients are able to enjoy longer-lasting, more affordable results than those of synthetic fillers.

BeautiFill Laser Lipo – NYC

While many patients have experienced satisfying fat loss results from traditional liposuction, BeautiFill Laser Lipo now eliminates many of the drawbacks of antiquated methods of liposuction.

BeautiFill Lipo is a state-of-the-art “all-in-one” system that combines laser assisted lipo with autologous fat removal and transfer. It is one of the latest and most innovative procedures in body contouring and anti-aging on the market. NYC dermatologist Gary Goldenberg is one of only a very few doctors in New York and across the country to offer this amazing type of lipo.

Schedule a consultation today and get the sculpted body and youthful face you will love with this cutting edge lipo technology – exclusively at Goldenberg Dermatology in NYC.

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