How Lipo Has Improved in 40 Years

Liposuction – commonly called lipo – was introduced in the United States in the early 1980s. Since then the technology has improved, from a dangerous surgery with a lengthy recovery, to a very safe, more comfortable, less invasive procedure with minimal downtime.

In this article New York, NY dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg discusses the many ways lipo technology has improved over the last four decades.

Original Lipo

In the past, lipo surgeons went in “dry”, and the result was bleeding, swelling and bruising. Sometimes a transfusion was even needed due to blood loss!

Originally, during lipo, the fat had to be manually dislodged with sheer brute force. The surgeon mechanically tore the fat from the surrounding tissue by routing around under the skin with the cannula.

In addition to being painful, the results were uneven and a bit haphazard. The technique gave the surgeon no real control of the precise location of fat removal. As a result, patients were often left with lumps and bumps – and had to undergo a second and even third lipo procedure to “fine tune” the appearance in the area that had been treated.

Additionally, original lipo techniques often left loose skin where the fat had been removed – requiring subsequent skin tightening surgery.

Tumescent Lipo

Next came tumescent liposuction. While this was a huge improvement in liposuction technique, it is still a far cry for the “laser lipo” that we offer in our New York, NY office today.

During tumescent liposuction, a fluid containing lidocaine and epinephrine in a saline (salt water) solution is injected into the treatment area. The lidocaine numbs the area, while the epinephrine reduces blood loss, bruising and swelling by narrowing the blood vessels.

This solution not only lubricated the fat, but also hardens it, making it easier to remove.  The tumescent lipo technique largely made general anesthesia (being “knocked out” or “put to sleep”) unnecessary – which also reduces the risk of the lipo procedure.

Laser Lipo

Today, all lipo is done using the tumescent technique. But further advancements using laser assistance make the lipo procedure even safer and more comfortable, with dramatically reduced downtime. The addition of lasers to the lipo process adds several benefits.

First the laser literally melts the fat for easier extraction – which means less bruising, bleeding and swelling, as well as a much faster recovery time. The heat from laser also seals the tiny blood vessels in the treatment area, further reducing, bruising, swelling, and downtime.

The laser energy also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the treated area – which causes the skin to tighten and tone. This means patients are not left with loose saggy skin, as they were with older lipo technologies.

And, the laser-assisted extraction process also preserves the fat cells, which can then be used to sculpt, “plump”, build up, or fill in other areas of the face and body where volume is desired – like the buttocks, breasts or face.

BeautiFill Laser Lipo – New York, NY

At Goldenberg Dermatology we offer BeautiFill Laser Lipo – the latest advancement in liposuction.  This state-of-the-art, “all-in-one” lipo system combines fat loss with skin tightening and  autologous fat transfer. It is truly one of the latest and most innovative procedures in body contouring and fat loss on the market.

New York, NY dermatologist Gary Goldenberg is one of only a very few doctors in New York, NY and across the country to offer this amazing type of lipo.

Schedule a consultation today and get the sculpted body and youthful face you will love with this cutting edge lipo technology – exclusively at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York, NY.

New York, NY BeautiFill Laser Lipo Consultation: 212-405-8202

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