Fraxel for hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

Autumn is a perfect time for FRAXEL DUAL treatment. Even if you tried to protect yourself from sun’s harmful rays this summer, it’s likely that some got through. Not only can the sun cause skin cancer, it can also cause unsightly dark spots (hyperpigmentation or melasma). If you have freckles, they likely darkened while exposed to the sun.

So how do you get your even complexion back? FRAXEL DUAL. Fraxel Dual can be used to treat a variety of skin complaints, including discolorations, brown spots, acne scars, and wrinkles. The laser essentially works to reduce or completely eliminate blemishes on the skin’s surface, while improving the overall tone and texture of the underlying skin. Fraxel Dual works with your body to stimulate a natural healing process that will quickly reveal skin that is rejuvenated and free of blemishes. The recovery from this laser is only a few days, after which the skin will peel and new, more even skin will replace hyperpigmented, drab skin.




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