Plumper cheeks – new beauty goal according to NYT

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The NYT has finally discovered what dermatologists and our patients have known for a long time – building or rebuilding cheeks and creating high cheekbones is a cosmetic goal!

I have been telling my patients for a long time that loss of the buccal fat pad, i.e., your cheek, causes one to look older than necessary. Some never really had a cheek to begin with. And it’s so easy to recreate a more youthful look with filler, that it can be done for almost every patient. Furthermore, it can be customized to what you want – a more feminine or masculine look. Recreating the jaw line is also important.

Restylane, juvederm, perlane and sculptra can all be used.

Here are some examples:



Combining fillers with other treatments, such as botox, fraxel and thermage can produce the total package – gradual improvement in one’s appearance that maintains a natural and youthful look.


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