How to treat facial redness of acne and rosacea? V-Beam Laser!

Facial redness is a very common complaint from patients. it may be caused by rashes, or acne, or rosacea, or a combination of all these conditions. Dilated blood vessels (known as spider angioma or telangiectasia) can also be caused by aging and sun exposure. Acne scarring is another common cause of facial redness.

Patients may dislike facial redness and dilated blood vessels for various reasons – cosmetic, feeling flushed or hot, or symptoms with exercise, drinking coffee or wine.

the cosmetic appearance of facial redness can be treated. Various modalities exist. My favorite is v-beam laser. This is known as pulsed dye laser and it specifically targets the blood vessels that cause the redness or are dilated. The procedure is usually painless and post procedure redness or bruising is easily covered up with make up.

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