How to Treat Acne Scarring After Treatment with Accutane? FRAXEL DUAL!

Acne can be a serious issue. But the after effects of acne can be permanently disabling. Acne scarring is very common, from moderate to severe acne or from acne pickers (and who doesn’t pick or pop their acne?).

One of the best treatments of acne is a medicine called accutane. This medication got a lot of bad press. But in the right patients, with careful monitoring, it’s safe and extremely effective. If carries a cure rate of as high as 80%. You can’t get better than that with a pill.

But oftentimes patients are still left with acne scarring – pits, red bumps, box-car scars, or general unevenness of the skin with blemishes. Not pretty. Especially since you just took 4-6 months of serious medication with monthly blood monitoring.

Well, it turns out that laser treatment is safe approximately 6 months after treatment with accutane. The best laser for acne scarring is FRAXEL DUAL, as mentioned here, and here, and here. It is safe and effective with with several treatments (generally 3-6) the skin is usually much improved.

So now, you can be acne free and acne scarring free!

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