How to treat pitted scarring from acne? Fraxel Dual, of course!

Acne is a common problem present in teenagers and young adults. Although in my practice, the most common patient with acne is an adult female and the number of adult women with acne keeps going up. The reason for this is unknown, but it’s suspected that hormonal undulations and perhaps hormones present in foods are to blame.

The main problem with acne isn’t just the blemishes, but also the scars that are left behind once the acne resolves. These scars are usually pitted, ice-pick like, or rolled, or angular. They may be red or hyper pigmented (i.e., darker than normal skin color). These last a lifetime and are the main consequence of having moderate to severe acne.

Fraxel Dual laser offers a good treatment option for these scars. The laser causes micro heat zones in the skin and in doing so resurfaces the skin surface. By doing the treatment several times, one is able to “get to the bottom” of the scars and even out the skin surface. The treatment is fairly painless and recovery is only a few days.

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